5 Tips To Prepare Your Air Conditioner For Summer

21-12-21 | Air Conditioning

5 Tips To Prepare Your Air Conditioner For Summer

There’s nothing worse than getting an air conditioner for summer & then when the first hot day comes round it packs it in! I’ve even heard stories of AC units kicking the bucket on Christmas Day! There’s no better way to keep comfortable than quality ducted air conditioning when you want to cool your home.

Whether you have a split system or ducted system, don’t get caught out as well. It will also reduce your energy consumption and lower running costs.

Here are five tips to prepare your air conditioner for summer.


1. Clean The Filter

One of the best ways to keep your air conditioning system running efficiently is by cleaning the filter. A clogged filter will make the system work harder, leading to increased energy costs and a shortened lifespan for your air conditioner. Cleaning your filter also improves indoor air quality by killing germs, bacteria and other microbes. Depending on how often you run your air conditioner, a clean every one to three months is optimal.

This video teaches you how to clean your split system air conditioner filters in a few simple steps.


2. Check For Water Leaks

A typical breakdown for air conditioners is leaking water. During the humid months of the year, condensation can come from around your air conditioner vents and cause frustrating water stains.

When using your air conditioner, it helps to ensure all the windows and doors are correctly shut (including ones you’re not using) and set the thermostat to an achievable temperature such as the recommended 24°C. Cleaning the filters and coils also helps and proper roof ventilation.

If water leaking persists, you need to speak to an air conditioning service technician. They can help assess the cause of the leak and recommend how to repair it.


3. Change The Mode And Temperature

Changing your air-con to cooling mode before summer arrives may seem like the obvious move, but it’s worth double-checking. Ensure your thermostat is set to cool, not heat mode, so you are ready when the heat hits. It’ll also help keep your electricity bill down.

When it comes to setting the temperature for summer, we suggest keeping it in the range of 23ºC-25ºC. Factors like the number of people living in your home, the amount of direct sunlight and your general health condition are all things to consider. Try experimenting with different air conditioner temperature settings to find what suits you best.


4. Insulate Your Home

Another much larger project to undertake but well worth it is insulating your home. Proper insulation helps to keep your house at a regulated temperature, meaning cooler in summer and warmer in winter. It’s an investment for the long term that will drastically lower your energy bill.

Look for places where cool air can enter and escape. Common places to insulate are the roof, windows and doors. Roofing insulation, double glazed windows, thick curtains and draught seals are all ways you can improve home insulation.


5. Get A HVAC Service

While there are many ways you can prepare your air conditioner for summer yourself, a professional HVAC service is worthwhile for complete peace of mind.

Typically we recommend that you should have your air conditioning unit serviced around once a year, depending on how much you use it and the manufacturer. A service will provide a strip-down of the aircon unit, clean or replace the filter, coil assessment, monitor gas levels, check airflow and ensure the heating and cooling functions are working at their best.

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