6 New MyPlace Features Announced!

21-10-19 | Air Conditioning

Advantage Air has announced 6 new MyPlace app features!

Advantage Air has announced 6 new MyPlace app features! The team at Advantage Air are always working hard to improve their apps & over the next few days, it seems we will be getting our biggest MyPlace app feature update yet!

These updates will be rolling out to all Android & Apple devices over the next few days so if you have MyPlace (previously MyAir) installed in your home expect these 6 awesome features to be arriving on your devices shortly.



The new monitor feature allows you to run “tasks” in the MyPlace app when the temperature in your suburb reaches a certain temperature or when there is a clear or sunny weather forecast!

So, for example, you can now set your air conditioner to turn on automatically should the temperature in your suburb reach 32 degrees, forget arriving home to a hot uncomfortable home! What’s more, if you have MyPlace blind integration installed you can have your blinds automagically close too for ultimate energy efficiency!

Every time a task runs you will get a notification so you stay in control & know exactly what’s happening at home at all times.



This new MyPlace app feature will automatically adjust the fan speed to help you keep more comfortable & your air conditioner running at maximum efficiency!




This is one of those new MyPlace app features that will keep your neighbours & your energy bill happy!

Mysleep$aver will automagically change the mode of your system from cooling to fan-only mode between the hours of 10 pm & 6 am to help save you money on energy bills.

Perfect for sensitive neighbours or suburbs where council noise restrictions apply!




This is most definitely our favourite new feature of the new update!

If you have temperature sensors installed in your home & MyZone enabled you will know at the moment your system will run until the desired temperature is reached in the MyZone then your air conditioner will cycle OFF. Well now you will have an option to enable MyTemp, this will run your air conditioner until all zones with a temperature sensors reach your desired temperature & then maintain that temperature throughout the day.

When all you zones reach temp your unit will begin to ramp down to minimum capacity to save you money on your power bills!




The ultimate in set & forget climate control, simply set your system to MyAuto & your system will automatically switch between cooling & heating to keep your home within a fixed temperature range of around 20-24 degrees.




Previously with MyAir, we had the option to create “Plans”, this has now been replaced with “Scenes” allowing you to include your other MyPlace device into your scenes. For example, when you are arriving home from a long day at work you might want to OPEN the garage door, turn ON the front lights & switch ON the air conditioner!


We would like to thank the hard-working team at Advantage Air for continuing to provide Queensland homes with innovative new ways to save energy & stay comfortable.

If you already have MyAir or e-zone installed & would like to activate MyTemp – or if you have any questions about the MyPlace app – be sure to contact us at Smarter Air today!

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