Do Air Conditioners Bring In Fresh Air From Outside?

4-02-22 | Air Conditioning

So do air conditioners bring in fresh air from outside? Continue reading to learn more. Australian’s are well accustomed to the relief that air conditioning brings on those sweltering hot days. It’s true many Aussies love modern air conditioning and it’s the ability to offer both heating and cooling benefits. However, the way in which air conditioners work remains a mystery for many.

One of the biggest riddles most users want to solve is this — do air conditioners bring in fresh air from outside? Well, if you are one of these curious users, we’ve got all the answers. Understanding how an air conditioning system works also has the added benefit of knowing how to get the most out of your air conditioning unit.


Most Air Conditioners Do Not Bring In Fresh Air From Outside.

In short, the answer is no, air conditioners do not bring in fresh outside air. Rather, it takes the air inside your house and puts it through a heat exchange process. So, how exactly does it work?

Generally, air conditioners move unwanted heat out of your home, thus lowering the temperature inside your home. However, some air conditioners have a reverse option providing heating during winter. The process works in a similar way for ducted air conditioning systems and split system air conditioners.


Moving The Hot Air To The Curb

Built inside every air conditioner is a heat pump that removes the heat from your house. Reverse cycle systems work both ways, i.e. moving the heat or thermal energy inside your home during winter or drawing it out in summer. But how does it capture and release the heat?

It all has to do with the compressor (also known as an air conditioner pump). The compressor absorbs heat from your home and dispenses it outside using a special fluid called “refrigerant”. This fluid is covered by a metal loop and works as a shuttle to move the heat out of your home.


The Refrigeration Cycle

This heat exchange process, also known as the refrigeration cycle, is what creates a cool atmosphere. There are four stages involved, and they are:

  1. The heat from inside the house is absorbed by the refrigerant.
  2. The refrigerant gets hot from absorbing the heat.
  3. The heat from the house is then transferred outside via the refrigerant, flowing from warmer to cooler to be released/transferred to outdoor air.
  4. Once the heat is dispensed, the refrigerant gets cold and is distributed through the house by other parts of the system.

When the refrigerant is distributed back into the home, it passes through a narrow valve into the evaporator, which is kept at low pressure. When the refrigerant flows in, it quickly expands causing the fluid to become very cold. The cool air is then blown by a fan which spreads it throughout your house via ductwork.

This is also part of the heat transfer process because as the cooled air is distributed, the air is blown across the evaporator (from return ducts) again transferring heat into the fluid. The refrigerant is then pumped back to the condenser, beginning the cycle again.

The compressor is one of the most important components of the air conditioner. Any fault in this part will stop the cooling process immediately. If you are experiencing cooling issues with your system, we highly recommended calling a licensed expert such as Smarter Air.


Do I Need Additional Ventilation?

It all depends on your needs. Additional ventilation, installed by a trusted air conditioning company, can lower your electricity bills by reducing your cooling needs, or improving indoor air quality. The style and function of such ventilation will vary based upon your home’s age and construction, as well as your family’s health and comfort requirements. Your best option is to discuss additional ventilation with your installer to find out if it’s right for you.

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