Phill Crawley

G'day, I'm Phill, a proud husband to my top-notch wife Emma, who's not only my partner in life but also an incredible mum to our two beautiful kids, Ariana & Rocco. At 39, I've found my passion in helping people and exploring the world of digital marketing, smart home technology, and energy-efficient products. Through my businesses - Smarter Air & Electrical, Smarter Warehouse Direct, and Heat Factory - I strive to find inventive ways to make customers' lives easier and more sustainable. When I'm not working, you'll find me exploring the great outdoors and embracing the thrill of adventure in my 4WD. My love for speed also extends to the digital world, where I enjoy racing on my PS5, specifically in Gran Turismo 7, where my favourite car is the Porsche GT3. My hobbies and professional interests blend seamlessly, reflecting my commitment to innovation and efficiency. Whether it's ducted air conditioning, solar solutions, or the roar of a virtual engine, I'm all about finding smarter ways to enjoy life and help others do the same. Feel free to connect with me to explore how we can make your life smarter and more efficient!

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