How to Choose a Residential Air Conditioning Service

9-01-22 | Air Conditioning

Finding the best residential air conditioning service can be challenging. There are many variables that go into choosing the right service provider, from price to technician experience to customer service. Here are some things you should consider before employing a residential air conditioning service company for your home or business.

Things to consider before hiring a residential air conditioning service

If you’re in need of a residential AC company, you’ll want to take a few minutes to really think about the company you end up employing. It’s not always as simple as finding the cheapest provider or picking someone who is close by. To make sure the company you choose will be effective for your needs, there are a few things you should consider.

The first thing to consider is price. While it may seem attractive to find a cheap air conditioning service, this could be a false economy. There are many factors that will go into pricing and if one of these factors isn’t right for your needs, then the price difference could be negligible. You should also consider what kind of experience the technician has.

Residential AC installation and repair is complicated work that requires years of experience and training. It’s best to use an AC company with technicians who have been around for a while and have honed their skills in order to provide quality service for your home or business. Next, you want to make sure they will provide excellent customer service as well as offering quality repairs or installs for your AC unit. A good residential AC company will offer fair prices, trained technicians, and great customer service – all qualities that can help ensure your satisfaction with their

Services and prices

The services and maintenance company offers and its prices will be a major factor in your decision however it shouldn’t be your deciding factor, after all you are after a quality job not a quick job! Let’s say a company is offering a residential ducted air conditioning for $99, how much do you think they are going to do for that small amount of money considering a qualified air conditioning technician costs a company $70 per hour plus they first have to drive to your home.

The answer is not much at all, they have barely covered there operating costs & a ducted service normally take 1.5-2 hrs to carry out. At Smarter Air we employ only quality air conditioning technicians who have years of experience & actually enjoy coming to work each day to help our customers. Our annual service fee is $280 inc GST, for this we carry out a comprehensive service on your duct air conditioner ensuring it’s just as energy efficient as when it was new, check out what we do below:

  • Test indoor unit & outdoor unit operation
  • Test zone motors
  • Inspect ductwork & fittings for air leaks
  • Electrical connections checked/tightened
  • Inspect condition of drains & safety tray
  • Apply drain pan treatment
  • Inspect & remove debris from outdoor coil
  • Clean outdoor unit cabinet
  • Balance airflows (MyAir systems only)
  • Clean, disinfect & deodorize filters
  • Check supply & return temperatures
  • Inspect refrigerant pipe connections
  • Provide you with a report including any recommendations


Some companies offer more services than others, such as ducted deep coil cleans, split system air conditioner cleans, emergency repairs or installation of new systems. Each company has different pricing structures based on the size of your home, what type of residential air conditioning systems you have installed, etc. You should research the different companies to make sure you’re getting what you want at the right price.

How many technicians should your AC company have?

One of the first qualities you should consider is the number of technicians your service provider has. If they have a larger staff, that means they are equipped to handle more work and will have the ability to respond quicker if your current air con unit goes out. You also want to make sure that your technician has the right training, certification, and experience for your particular air conditioner cooling systems. For example, some residential systems could require special types of repair or maintenance due to the age or difficulty level. When it comes to air conditioning licenses there are two main types

  • Certificate II Air Conditioning Installers – These licenses are restricted to installation of air conditioning units up to 18kW, service work is not allowed under this license.
  • Certificate III Unrestricted Air Conditioning License – This license allows for restricted design, installation, service & repair on air conditioning units.

Customer service, how important is it?

No matter how great the price or how qualified the technicians are, if you don’t like the company you’re working with, it’s not worth hiring them to do your residential air conditioning service. An important part of customer service is an open channel of communication. It’s crucial for your business partner to be responsive, approachable and communicative. You need to feel like they are there for you and will help you in any way they can.

Another component of strong customer service is having a friendly attitude. No one wants to work with an unpleasant person who has a poor attitude, so make sure the company you select has a good reputation when it comes to customer service. HINT: Be sure to check out their Google reviews to see what others have to say about them, take a look at the Smarter Air Reviews here. And finally, your company should be able to provide quality ducted air conditioner installation services that meet all safety standards. This will ensure that your air conditioning system is serviced properly every time and doesn’t pose any risks for your family or employees.


If you are looking for a residential air conditioning service provider to service your ducted air conditioning heating or cooling systems, there are many factors to consider. These include price, technician experience, and customer service. Do your research using the information provided above and make an informed decision to ensure you get the best outcome possible and your air conditioner runs trouble free for years to come.

Residential Air Conditioner Service with Smarter Air

When you need to service your air conditioning, turn to Smarter Air. We are Brisbane’s leading installer of split system and ducted air conditioning and regularly perform interval services for customers. We provide competitive quotes, quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. For honest advice or a quote for quality air conditioning, reach out to our friendly team today on 07 3067 2396 or Contact Us Online.


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