Coronavirus & how ducted air purification can help!

28-04-20 | Air Conditioning

Learn how installing ducted air purification in your home can help stop the spread of germs, viruses, bacteria, mould & odours! The outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has continued to devastate Australia & the world. Most people have never experienced an epidemic of this magnitude & may be finding it a little depressing or scary.

We have had many of our Brisbane clients ask us how they can protect themselves. The answer is there are no 100% ways of protecting ourselves from the virus at the moment, but the world health organisation and other relevant agencies have given helpful advice. They advised that we should stay away from germs, bacteria, and viruses by washing our hands regularly with soap, using hand sanitizers & practising social distancing.

The need to try to protect our families & employees in these trying times has led to an increase in the adoption of ducted air purification systems. That is why we have chosen to supply & install the US-made range of PHI-Cell® & REME HALO® air purification products manufactured by RGF Environmental Group. These products are cost-effective & easy to adapt to any existing split, packaged or ducted air conditioning system.

ducted air purification

While RGF does not yet have test data relating to the effectiveness of their PHI-Cell® or REME HALO® air purifiers against Coronavirus (COVID-19) they are in the process of investing testing options in the US & China as we write this blog!

What we do know is that RGF® have test results showing 99+% reductions on viruses similar to COVID-19 such as SARS & MERS. If we can reduce these virus types in our homes & workplaces, we could assume that it might also be effective at reducing the current coronavirus at hand. NOTE: This is in no way a medical claim of any sort, just our observation after reviewing the data available.

The RGF’s PHI-Cell® & REME HALO® air purifiers help to negate or minimise the spread of surface bacteria, viruses, mould, odours & smells by neutralising more than 99% of micro-organisms as tested by Kansas State University.

ducted air purification

Reduce the risk of viruses with ducted air purification

With ducted air purification installed, you can rest assured that you are reducing the risk of viruses spreading in your home or work environment. Installing air purification can help keep staff safe at work, keep shopping centres open, restaurants operating in a risk-free and safe environment. We can fit an air purifier to the air conditioner in your facility in as little as 30 minutes (per unit) that can bring back a healthy environment in a matter of hours. Our outstanding range of air purifiers will enable you to run your business or keep your family safe amid this pandemic with the unknown end date.

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