Ducted Air Conditioner Gold Coast
Ducted Air Conditioner Gold Coast


If you are looking for Ducted Air Conditioners Gold Coast, the Smarter Air team are the experts to call.



If you are looking for Ducted Air Conditioners Gold Coast, the Smarter Air team are the experts to call.

Ducted Air Conditioner Gold Coast

Experts In Premium Air Conditioner Systems

Smarter Air was founded in Brisbane and our team has experience working with air conditioners across southeast Queensland for over two decades. This experience has taught us a deep understanding of the challenges many of our customers face.

No modern home is complete without an air conditioner system, making it a high priority for renovators and builders alike. To learn which solution is the best for your property, you should consider reaching out to an experienced professional. Smarter Air can partner with you to uncover the best positioning, systems and more without the usual hassle or unclear pricing.

Enjoy Year-Round Comfort In Your Home

Gold Coast is famed for its sandy white beaches, world-class surf breaks and buzzing nightlife. It’s a strikingly active and healthy city too, with residents embracing the near-perfect weather that it delivers throughout the year by exercising along the beach paths or tackling rainforest hiking trails inland. But like all Queensland cities, particularly in summer, swelteringly hot and humid days can make even the simplest effort trigger a sweat. 

Whilst you may not be able to escape it outdoors, an investment in an air conditioner will help create the comfortable living space you want and increase your property value in the same stroke.

There are two types of air conditioner options to choose from: split system and ducted. Split system air conditioning is characterised by individual wall units located in selected rooms around the home, such as the living room or master bedroom.  The benefits include low-cost heating and cooling but there are limitations that may make split systems less appealing. Their limited capacity makes it a struggle to maintain an even temperature throughout the home unless you have multiple units installed. Installation can be costly and their protrusion from the wall can impact the aesthetic of your home interior.

Ducted air conditioning is a worthwhile alternative for many homeowners who see the advantages of a single unit connected throughout the home. Although it may be more of an investment upfront, the value added to your home and lifestyle makes it worthwhile in the long run.

Let’s discuss why you should consider ducted air conditioners on the Gold Coast.

Why Choose Ducted Air Conditioning?

Deciding which AC system to choose is an important decision. Here are the benefits of opting for a feature-packed ducted air conditioner.


Ducted air conditioners are hidden in plain sight. Systems consist of an outdoor unit discreetly positioned in the garden and an indoor unit usually in the roof. Ducts connect distribute airflow evenly and silently around the home through sleek vents. Air purifiers can also be added to filter out air pollutants like dust, bacteria, pollen and mould.


Advantage Air is an Australian company that specialises in manufacturing ducted air conditioner components and innovative smart home systems. They develop easy-to-use and energy-efficient products including a software application that lets you control temperature zones from your phone or wall-mounted tablets. This built-in flexibility means you can keep your bedroom cool and cosy, the living room balmy for guests and the rumpus room “just right” for kids.


If you a looking to cool a large home, you’ll get more bang for your buck with a ducted air conditioner system. Typically if you have three bedrooms or more, you would be better off long term with a ducted system over a split system. This is because you would need to install and run multiple split systems to achieve the same level of temperature control and end up paying more for installation and electricity.

The energy efficiency benefits also come from the Advantage Air MyAir controls. This lets you set temperatures, measure activity and track usage using a built-in smart thermostat, which will help keep an eye on your energy bill. You can also set up schedules for it to turn on when you knock off work so the whole house is cozy when you get home. Maintenance costs are also lower because your technician only needs to service a single unit instead of many spread across the home.

Ducted Air Conditioner Gold Coast

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ducted Air Conditioners?

Even with all its benefits, choosing the perfect air conditioner system can seem daunting. If you are unsure which system is most suitable, consider what benefits you are looking for —  is it full temperature control, even air distribution, efficiency and the least noise? Then ducted is your best choice.


  • Zoning controls cool or heat your home as you please
  • Quiet and discreet
  • Increases property value
  • Single air conditioner unit to service and maintain
  • Saves wall space
  • Save on electricity costs
  • Built-in air filtration and purification protects your families health
  • Durability and longevity


  • Installation Cost
  • Requires Careful Planning
  • Only suitable for certain residences
  • Requires expert maintenance for optimal performance


Why Choose Smarter Air?

We believe collaboration is key to achieving the best results in aesthetic design and performance. Combining a background in creative arts with a passion for technology, our team works closely with property owners to carefully plan every stage of the installation. This includes conducting a comprehensive assessment of your property, ensuring the unit is strategically installed according to regulations and remains inconspicuous.

We only offer proven brands such as Samsung, Daikin, Fujitsu, Rinnai and MyPlace by Advantage Air. They use the latest technology in the industry for safe, reliable and efficient air conditioner.

We have over two decades of experience installing ducted air conditioners in Queensland and we offer a cost-effective solution that can be tailored to meet your needs.

Start Smiling To Fresh Air

Join the thousands of happy customers using Smarter Air. Our ducted air conditioner installations come complete with a 5-year manufacturer warranty on all units, we also offer a  10-year workmanship guarantee on installation and exceptional customer service ready to answer any questions. To avoid the headaches of an installation gone wrong, work with an experienced installer from the start.

Here are a few reasons why we stand out:

  • Free quotes and advice
  • 10-year workmanship guarantee
  • Quality Australian-made air conditioner components
  • Prompt and timely service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Interest-free payment plans are available
  • We’ll always respect your home
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty on units

Enquire For A Ducted Air Conditioner Quote Today

We provide competitive quotes, quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. For honest advice or a quote for ducted air conditioner Gold Coast, reach out to our friendly team today on 3067 2396 or contact us online.

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