Easy 3 Step Actron Air Filter Replacement!

26-04-22 | Air Conditioning

How to Replace the Filter in Your Actron Air. The air filter is an essential component of your Actron Air Ducted Air Conditioner, as it helps to remove dust, pollen and other allergens from the air, preventing them from being circulated through your home or office. If you’ve noticed that your airflow has become weaker, you may need to clean or replace the return air filter. In this guide, we will show you how to carry out an Actron Air filter replacement. Remember cleaning or replacing your ducted air conditioner filter is only one step to ensure your system is running at peak performance, it is essential to book a ducted air conditioner service at least once every 12 months!

Step 1: Take Out The Old Filter

Every few months, it’s a good idea to clean or replace the filters in your ducted air conditioner. This is done by removing the filter from the return air grille and checking the filter’s condition before deciding if you should clean or replace it. After all, an air conditioner will suffer from low airflow, and condensation issues & will not function properly if the filters are dirty or blocked with dirt.

How do you remove an Actron Air filter? Many people get stuck trying to figure out how to remove their Actron air conditioner filter, but the fact is that Actron Air does not manufacture the return air filter grille at all. There are many different types of return air grille on the market. These filters open in a similar fashion, but some can be trickier than others.

If the instructions below don’t work for you pop us an email with a photo of your grille and our team will be glad to assist.

actron air filter replacement

  • Turn OFF your ducted air conditioner so any airbourne contaminants cannot get sucked inside your air conditioner.
  • Locate your return air grille; this is usually located in a hallway or living room & is an egg-crate type grille.
  • To open the air filter grille find the thumbscrew & unscrew it whilst holding the grille with your other hand. Note: Some return air grilles do not have a thumbscrew but rather a little round handle you need to pull down to access the air filter.
  • The egg-crate grille should be on a hinge in most cases, so you don’t need to worry about it falling out.
  • Once you have opened the grille, the filter should just slide out
  • Now assess the condition of the filter, if it is just a little dirty, then you should be able to give it a quick clean by placing the filter flat on a clean driveway and hosing it from the clean side of the filter to push all the dirt out. Actron Air filter cleaning is DONE!
  • To take your cleaning one step further, once you have hosed out the filter you can spray it down with some antibacterial spray such as Glen20 to kill any germs or bacteria that may be living in the fibres

If your filters are so dirty you can draw pictures in the dust with your finger (see image below), it’s probably time to carry out a quick and simple Actron Air filter replacement.

If you need assistance with taking out or putting back your filter, contact an HVAC service professional like Smarter Air to book your Actron Air filter replacement.

Step 2: Actron Air filter replacement

If your air con filter needs to be replaced, we suggest phoning an air conditioning service company to carry this out for you. We recommend opting for a washable double-layered electrostatic filter media as they offer great filtration and can be washed for many years without the need for replacement.

A professional will remove the old dirty media material and install new a new dual-layer e-mesh (otherwise known as electrostatic filter media) filter material similar to the material found in split system air cons & rubber spline onto your existing filter frames ensuring the media is stretched tight.

Once install the freshly retrimmed filters will allow air to flow more freely through your air conditioner, the other thing you will notice is that the air noise near the return air filters is now much quieter.

Better airflow through your unit will result in higher coil temperatures and reduce the chance of your air conditioner duct and grilles sweating and forming condensation in high humidity conditions.

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Step 3: Clean Up

Now that your Actron Air filter replacement is complete or instead cleaned and dry, it’s time to put it back into place. Simply slide the filter into the return air grille frame and screw the thumbscrew back in place! That wasn’t so hard, now was it? Now your Actron Air system will not only perform better, but you will also benefit from lower energy bills, reduced airflow noise, and less chance of your drains getting blocked with dirty & much-improved airflow!

If you need a ducted air conditioning expert to help you replace your air filters, give the team at Smarter Air a call today on 07 3067 2396. We can also talk you through an Actron Air filter reset & have access to the entire range of Actron Air spare parts & technical support to help you solve any air conditioning problem you might come across.



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