How To Design Cleaner Interiors With A Minimalist Air Conditioner

18-08-21 | Air Conditioning

With extreme weather conditions increasingly more common and rising global temperatures, there’s no doubt that air conditioning can provide essential relief in our homes. Brisbane has long sweltering summers that can be unbearable without any air conditioning. A home without a minimalist air conditioner can be very uncomfortable to stay in; the relaxation, the peace, and tranquillity are all gone, leaving the feeling of just being a house and not a home. Therefore, to create a comfortable space for you and your family to sleep, eat, relax and unwind after a long day, you need a good quality air conditioner in your home.

Split system air conditioning systems can cool and heat your rooms, though these ACs are not the epitome of perfection; they also have their faults. They can be very noisy, inefficient, costly, and not to mention that they look quite unsightly on the walls inside your home. Additionally, if you require multiple split system units, the installation might be pretty tricky and expensive, especially if you have a home with lots of windows & minimal wall space for the indoor units to be mounted.

We agree an air conditioner is an essential home appliance but how can you keep cool and comfortable without taking away from the look of the home you worked so hard on decorating? The solution to your problem — a minimalist air conditioner!


Plan Your Minimalist Air Conditioning System From The Start Of A Build

When planning to build a new home, it is best to start thinking about air conditioning solutions right from the start. It’s common for new home builders to get to the final stages of a home design and then start thinking about air conditioning systems. At this stage, you may have already chosen to increase ceiling heights or raked ceilings. Unfortunately, these features reduce the amount of usable space in your roof to install a ducted air conditioner and force your hand to choose more obtrusive split system air conditioners.


Minimalist Ducted AC Technology Is Better Than You Think

Ducted Air Conditioners are usually thought of as old, large, noisy units located outside the home. They were notoriously expensive to run courtesy of the inefficient fixed speed compressors which were unable to reduce their cooling capacity.

These days ducted air conditioning technology has improved significantly. Modern inverters allow air conditioner units to be smaller and quieter with greater power and energy efficiency, proving them as the ultimate hidden air conditioner solution. Most ducted air conditioning systems are reverse cycle, meaning they can both heat and cool your home, all while being virtually invisible to you inside the home! A ducted system uses a single fan coil unit in the roof and a single unit located outside your home, allowing them to be tailored to match the size of your home. These are just some of the benefits of ducted air conditioning.

The bright side of using a minimalist air conditioner is that you can place the outlets or grilles in an area of a room that is not the room’s focus, like a bulkhead, in the ceiling, or in the floor. Examples of these minimalist air conditioners that provide a flexible solution for you are ducted air conditioners or even ductless bulkhead systems if your home does not have enough roof space to run the large flexible ducts required for a ducted system.

Enjoy The Savings

Minimalism is all about saving costs and space, which these aesthetically pleasing air conditioners do incredibly well. Brands like Panasonic, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries & LG have a diverse range of ducted air conditioners and ductless bulkhead AC units to suit almost every application you can think of. For example, the Panasonic NX Adaptive ducted air conditioner systems allow you to install the fan coil unit vertically inside a walk-in robe or cupboard in cases where there is limited or no ceiling space at all!

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Benefits Of A Minimalist Air Conditioner

Modern ducted air conditioners consume very minimal energy and are almost silent. This is because the system only consists of a cooling coil and fan in the roof to distribute the air around your home.

The indoor fan coil unit located in the roof space is hidden from view. From this indoor unit, a network of ducts ranging from 200mm up to 550mm in diameter deliver air to each room via an aesthetically pleasing ceiling diffuser or linear bar grille.

These ducted air conditioning systems are the epitome of minimalist air conditioning. They allow you to avoid upsetting the interior aesthetics of your home with heavy decorations or lavishly designed curtains to block unsightly split system air conditioners from view.

Modern ducted air conditioners are also very efficient in removing humidity from the home, especially in Brisbane, where humidity is often very high for extended periods. In summer, a ducted air conditioner can remove as much as 6 litres per hour of moisture from your home! It’s also important to set your air conditioning at the right temperature to maximise its effectiveness.

Deciding Between Ducted and Split System Air Conditioning

Deciding between ducted and split system air conditioning is a major decision. Undeniably, ducted systems are minimalist air conditioners with unmatched features. Ducted ACs are perfectly tailored to fit the size of your property; before installation, a specialist will visit your home to determine the correct size unit to cool your home however if you are building a new home sizing of the system is straight from your plans.

If you are thinking of putting more than 3 to 4 split systems in your home, it is often a better choice to install a ducted system. Aside from the cost of this many units, each one will need to be maintained regularly inside and outside your home. The better option would be a discreet air conditioner that has only one outdoor unit which costs as little as $280 per year for a professional to maintain your investment.

Another optional feature is smart air conditioning zoning systems such as MyAir by Advantage Air that allow you to adjust the temperature in each room individually. This helps to reduce your energy bill by preventing zones or rooms from overcooling — when a room reaches the desired temperature the airflow to that room is stopped and pushed to other rooms that still require cooling!

So if your ultimate goal is to create a clean and comfortable indoor environment for your family then choose a ducted system like these minimalist air conditioners to provide temperature control, energy efficiency, convenience all while being virtually invisible.

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