Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

What is a reverse cycle air conditioner

Reverse cycle air conditioner offers both cooling and heating to provide comfort in your home all year round. As they’re capable of producing both hot and cold air, they are the most effective climate control solution for South East Queensland where we experience hot summers and cold winters.

How Do Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners Work?

A Fujitsu reverse cycle air conditioner uses a refrigeration cycle to cool and warm the inside of your home. 

When cooling, the system extracts heat from the air inside your home and transfers it outside. On it’s way out, the pipes connecting the indoor and outdoor system cool the air via refrigerant gas. The outdoor unit then expels the warm air and pumps the cool air back into the indoor unit. 

When heating, the cycle is reversed. Heat is extracted from the outside air and drawn inside. The refrigerant absorbs heat from this air and compresses it to further warm it up. This is then pushed inside your home by a fan to increase the inside temperature.

Types of Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

You can choose between a reverse-cycle ducted for your home. Your decision should be based on a number of factors including the size of your home, your usage of the system and also your interior design choices. Here are some of the key differences.

Home Size

Ducted systems are the preferred choice for larger homes. The ductwork throughout the roof space caters for multiple stories and you’ll only have a single, indoor compressor unit to maintain. These systems also allow you to set up zoning throughout your home so you can cool or warm select rooms/zones and save on reverse cycle air conditioner cost.

Air Con Usage

You may prefer to cool/heat your entire home at once, or only cool/heat the rooms that you’re using to save on that quarterly electricity bill.

If you prefer the feeling of consistent climate control throughout your home, a ducted system may be the easiest option. With a single control panel, you can easily heat or cool without the need to individually operate each split system unit.

Interior Design

If you’ve put hard work into developing a specific look or design for the inside of your home, you wouldn’t want to undermine your effort due to a non-aesthetically pleasing air conditioning unit.

If you prefer a minimalist appearance, ducted systems only show the air vents which contributes to a streamlined and clean look.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

Which System Should I Choose?

Neither ducted nor split reverse-cycle units are better, it merely depends on your preferences, your home and your climate control goals. If you’re not sure, seek an experts opinion. Smarter Air can assess your home environment and advise on the most economical option that aligns with your heating and cooling needs.

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