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Smarter Air offer ducted air conditioning solutions. If you're looking to keep the whole family cool in summer and warm in winter, we have you covered.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Many variables contribute to cooling or heating to your ideal temperature. With so many Brisbane ducted air conditioning installers it is easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of who you can trust. The staff at Smarter Air have seen it all before, and we’re confident we can find a cost-effective supply and install ducted air con solution for you.

Benefits of ducted air conditioning:

  • Cool or heat your entire home
  • Increase the value of your home
  • One air conditioner to service & maintain
  • Quiet & more energy efficient
  • Filters the air your family breathes
  • Unobtrusive ceiling grilles options

What is the cost of
ducted air conditioner
installation in Brisbane?

Every ducted air conditioning system we install is custom designed by our Brisbane ducted air conditioner installer specialists to suit the unique needs of your household.

For example, a home with a family of two adults and three children will likely require a higher capacity ducted air con system that can cool many rooms at once during the heat of the day. If two adults and one child occupied the same home, with occasional use of the guest room at night time, we could reduce the size of the air conditioner installation required to ensure maximum comfort, efficiency and affordability.

So what is the cost to supply & install ducted air conditioning in Brisbane? The below prices can be used as a guide to help you decide if ducted air conditioning installation costs fits within your budget:

  • Small home: $7k-$10k
  • Average home: $10-14k
  • Large home: $14k+

While the initial ducted air conditioning cost may seem a little high compared to split system air conditioners, ducted air conditioner installation is an investment that will add value to your home. Make your family time more comfortable, enjoyable and valuable this summer with ducted air conditioning!


1. Outdoor unit

Our ducted air conditioning installation experts will place the outdoor unit down the side of your home, so it is out of sight and out of mind! New inverter technology allows the outdoor unit to consume less energy, while at the same time providing greater comfort!

2.indoor unit

The indoor fan unit is the most significantly-sized piece of equipment that we need to install in your home (we place it in your roof, where space is quite commonly limited). Our ducted air conditioning installers are experts at finding solutions for even the most complex of homes.

3. zone control

Zone control options for ducted air conditioners range from simple on/off 6-zone systems, through to smart systems, like MyAir, with individual temperature control in every zone and smartphone control. Smarter Air’s Brisbane air conditioning installers are experts in zone control systems. Our team can help you choose a zone controller that will provide substantial energy savings all year round!

4. Flexible Duct

Flexible ducting system installed throughout your roof space delivers filtered cooled or heated air to each room almost silently. Smarter Air uses only high quality R1.0 insulated flexible duct from Advantage Air. Advantage Air manufacture their systems right here in Australia, from Australian materials, so you can rest assured that they are designed to meet our harsh climate! This ducted air con flexible duct comes with a 10-year warranty.

5. Exact Airs

These high quality fittings connect the ducts in your roof space to control how much air each room receives. Designed and engineered in Australia by Advantage Air, the Exact Airs enable you to adjust the airflow to any room in 5% increments. Thanks to better airflow control, your system will keep you more comfortable and increase your energy efficiency.

6. Outlets

Smarter Air has a range of ducted air conditioner air grilles available that will blend seamlessly with any home design, including linear grilles, bar grilles, 4-way directional grilles or standard round outlets. Speak to our Brisbane air conditioner installers today to find the perfect solution for your home design.

Get $400 cashback on
ducted installations.



Our recommended grille is the square 4-way directional grille manufactured by our friends at Advantage Air.  These grilles offer good looks, excellent airflow and the ability to direct air in any direction you wish!

Advantage Air Streemline ducted air conditioning grille


One of the most common ducted air con grilles used in Brisbane is the insulated round outlet. The reason for its popularity is the uniform, clean look it provides; the only downside is that you can’t control the direction of airflow.

Round Air Conditioning Grill


We use and recommend Advantage Air’s high quality Purtech return air conditioning grille due to it’s clean aesthetic, no visible mitered joints and washable multi-layer electrostatic filter that results in up to 30% cleaner air.

Rectangular ducted air conditioning grille install Brisbane

Which brand of air conditioning unit?

Smarter Air can supply most brands of air conditioners – we are not tied to any specific brand. Our recommendation for the best ducted air conditioning systems would be Panasonic, who are the global leader in manufacturing high quality inverter technology air conditioning solutions for homes and businesses offering unsurpassed energy efficiency.

In the unlikely event that your air conditioner gives up the ghost during a summer heatwave, Panasonic is second to none in the after-sales service and warranty departments. We have personally found their after-sales service and warranty turnaround times to be the best in the industry. And the best part? All Panasonic air conditioners that are installed in residential homes come with a 5-year parts and labour warranty!

ducted air conditioner installer outdoor unit

3 factors we consider when sizing your air conditioner

Energy efficient ducted air conditioner install Brisbane
The most crucial factor that we need to consider when sizing your ducted air conditioner is how you would like to use it! For example, the way a young couple will use their system will vary significantly to the way a large family uses theirs! Overall, our goal is to make sure that you receive the perfect system to suit your lifestyle and budget keeping energy efficiency top of mind.

Floor area

The ceiling height and floor area of your rooms are the first steps to deciding the capacity required for efficient ducted air conditioning systems and effective cooling or heating.


Insulation in your walls & ceiling, or lack thereof, will also affect the capacity required. Insulated areas retain heat in winter and repel heat in summer. Ensuring you install adequate insulation when building your home will reduce the workload of your air conditioner, resulting in reduced cooling & heating costs.


The size and orientation of any windows in the room are also an important consideration. Similar to insulation, having window tint plus thick curtains or blinds on windows will help to increase the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. The orientation of your windows can also drastically affect the temperature in any given room throughout the day. Our Brisbane ducted air conditioning installers will factor room orientation in when designing your new air conditioning system!




Adding an air conditioner zone controller to your ducted system will have a significant positive impact on the running cost of your air conditioning for years to come. The reason for this is two-fold:

MyAir Climate control ducted air conditioner installation Brisbane


Zoning allows you to split your home into different areas (or “zones”), and to close off airflow to unoccupied rooms. Turning OFF empty zones will deliver more air to zones that need it, so they will reach your desired temperature sooner. Turning OFF zones that are unoccupied results in greater comfort and lower costs to cool or heat your home – We all love saving money on our power bills!


Ducted air conditioners typically sense the temperature from the return air grille usually found in your hallway, which is great if you spend your day in the hall! With optional individual temperature sensors, MyAir allows you to choose which zone of your home is the set point for the system. This prevents the unit from overcooling or overheating areas so that it can cater to your desired comfort level.

Have a chat with our ducted air conditioning installation experts today to find out more!

myair air conditioner zoning
MyAir smart ducted air conditioner tablet zone controller Brisbane

Ducted Air Conditioning

Not only do we provide ducted heating and air conditioning throughout Brisbane, we also offer Brisbane South and the Gold Coast with our customisable solutions. This includes areas such as Ipswich, Rochedale, Logan, Thornlands, Springfield Lakes, Pallara, Coomera, Helensvale, South Ripley, Newport, Yarrabilba, Greenbank and Sorrento, and more!


Our Coverage

We also service new housing estates at North Lakes, Caboolture, North Brisbane, Redland Bay, Ipswich, Shoreline, Flagstone, Bethania, Brookhaven, Holmview, Bahrs Scrub, Mount Cotton, Thornlands, Rochedale, Springfield Lakes, Pallara, Logan Reserve, Coomera, Helensvale, Yarrabilba, Narangba, Bridgeman Downs, Spring Mountain & Greenbank.


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