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You’ve likely heard the name Mitsubishi, whether it’s from their popular range of vehicles, fighter jets, or even space rockets. It’s a name that inspires innovation, versatility and reliability. Since its founding in 1921, Mitsubishi Electric has been leading the market in electrical products. However, their history stems further back to 1870, when Mitsubishi was first operating as a shipping company. Since then, the Mitsubishi name has grown and splintered into many enterprises that share the Mitsubishi name and its tight-knit community. One of these enterprises is Mitsubishi Electric.

It’s an understandable mistake to confuse Mitsubishi Electric with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. They both produce excellent air conditioning products, from ducted to split-system air conditioning systems. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries & Mitsubishi Electric both offer excellent quality air conditioning units with varying warranties, features, applications, materials and production processes. You might consider Mitsubishi Electric to have more of a focus on air conditioning systems, with their first-ever product being an electric fan. Since then, they’ve continued to innovate and improve their products, providing us now with expertly manufactured and refined air conditioners.

Mitsubishi Electric’s ducted and split system air conditioning systems are amongst their finest products. They both vary in their capabilities and features but share the same ethos that encapsulates their motto; Changes for the better. Both ducted and split systems share traits of quality, flexibility and reliability. Mitsubishi Electric has ensured you can experience the freedom and versatility of a highly customisable and controllable air conditioning system, whether it’s through a split system or a ducted air conditioner. For this reason, both systems share most of the beneficial and advanced technology that makes Mitsubishi Electric a leading contender in the air conditioning industry.

Mitsubishi Electric Australian Experience

Australian experience

Mitsubishi Electric has been a key contender in the Australian heating and cooling markets, and with over 45 years of experience providing Aussie households with air conditioners, they’re almost certainly guaranteed to last.

Mitsubishi Electric Standard MEQ rigorous testing

Rigorous quality standards

Mitsubishi Electric might be second to none with its quality standards. They implement what’s known as the Mitsubishi Electric Standard (MEQ), ensuring every single product undergoes the same rigorous testing before approval.

Mitsubishi Electric 5 years warranty

Peace of mind

With unmatched quality standards and Australian experience, they’re certainly confident in their products, providing a five-year warranty on parts, labour and compressors for their ducted and split system air conditioners.

Mitsubishi Electric ducted air conditioner

Mitsubishi Electric has varying series of ducted air conditioners, ranging from 10kw to 22kw capacity. Each series typically has several unique features, though they all share the innovative technology and reliability associated with the Mitsubishi brand. An example of some differences might be the PEAD-M-JAAD series with its incredibly sleek and low-profile design or the PEA-RP250WHA and its three-phase power options. Regardless of the series you choose, Mitsubishi Electric ducted air conditioners can provide you with complete zone control, ensuring every room in your house receives effective heating and cooling year-round.

Mitsubishi Electric split system

Mitsubishi Electric’s split systems, like their ducted systems, come in different series, with power capacities ranging between 2kw and 9kw. There are typically more variations between each series, relative to the ducted series. For example, the MSZ-LN series has a modern futuristic design with a Plasma Quad Plus Filter. On the other hand, the MSZ-EF series has a more minimalistic design and a Nano Platinum filter, worthy of any home. A noteworthy feature in most Mitsubishi Electric split systems is the Dual Barrier Coating technology. This technology ensures the split system is clean and void of hydrophilic and hydrophobic particles.

Shared features

As mentioned before, the ducted and split system air conditioners share several features and advanced technological designs that make the Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners stand out. Below, you can explore several of these shared features:

Wi-Fi remote control

Through the mobile application Mitsubishi Wi-Fi Control, you can connect your smartphone to your air conditioner system, providing you with a range of features. You can set temperatures, fan speeds and airflow direction. You can also control each zone or split system, monitor room temperatures, automate activation times and toggle quiet mode. With your smartphone acting as a remote control, you can customise and control your air conditioning system from anywhere, even if you’re at work or on holiday.

R32 refrigerant

Mitsubishi Electric has introduced R32 into several of its ducted and split system air conditioners. R32 is a refrigerant that’s becoming more popular in the HVAC industry for its reduced environmental impact. R32 refers to difluoromethane and essentially improves the energy efficiency of air conditioning systems by allowing them to heat and cool with less energy consumption. Compared to other more common refrigerants, such as R-410A, R32 can achieve the same level of performance while consuming roughly 40% less refrigerant. This means you can comfortably cool and warm your house to your optimal temperature while reducing your impact on the environment.

Cleaning-Free Pipe Re-use Technology

Mitsubishi Electric utilises the Cleaning-Free Pipe Re-use Technology in most of its air conditioning systems. This technology incorporates a ‘wide strainer’ that prevents ion particles (a common particle in old refrigerant pipes) from entering the outdoor unit of your air conditioning system. This means you can connect your ducted or split systems to old refrigerant pipes, mitigating the need to install new ones. Thanks to this technology, the installation costs and times are usually significantly lower.

Outdoor Unit DC Scroll Compressor

Mitsubishi Electric ducted and split system outdoor units have a DC Scroll Compressor. The compressor is the heart of your air conditioning system, so ensuring this operates smoothly can be extremely important. The DC scroll compressor does exactly that by reducing the internal friction within the compressor. This leads to a more reliable, longer-lasting and resilient heart for your ducted or split system.

Mitsubishi Electric Ducted Air Conditioner

mitsubishi air conditioner reviews

It’s no secret that Mitsubishi Electric designs and manufactures high-quality, long-lasting products. Did you know they also make electrical substations, the massive screens at Melbourne Cricket Ground, and satellites that provide mobile phone reception across Australia?

Air conditioners are not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Mitsubishi Electric; however, they are by far the preferred brand among over 3200 air conditioning professionals throughout Australia. Check out this recent HVAC&R Australia poll where Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners were voted #1!

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners voted #1 by Australian technicians

Do you want to learn more and determine whether Mitsubishi Electric is the best air conditioner brand for you? Check out the Mitsubishi Electric Review

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For your convenience, we have provided links to the latest Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner brochures below.

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Mitsubishi Electric has a history of providing dependable, high-quality products for 100 years. As a result, they offer a 5-year part and labour warranty on all household air conditioning systems that are sold in Australia.

Mitsubishi Electric Warranty Information


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