Why Do I Need Effective Air Conditioner Cleaning Near Me?

26-04-22 | Air Conditioning, Indoor Air Quality

Why Should I Have My Air Conditioner Cleaned?


Are you asking, Where do I find top quality air conditioner cleaning near me? With aircon cleaning services like Smarter Air, you can keep your unit efficient and clean all year round.

The answer of your question “Where do I find top quality air conditioner cleaning near me?” is given in article. Over 60% of Australians rely on their ducted air conditioner over the summer months, and it costs us nearly $4 billion Australian dollars each year to keep them running. Inefficient air conditioners can add even more money to the cost of running your air conditioning unit.

You should have your air conditioner cleaned and take a break from searching for an air conditioning cleaning service near me.


Why Do I Need Air Conditioner Cleaning Near Me?

If your air conditioning unit isn’t cleaned properly, it can impact your home in several ways, including:

  • Increased costs
  • Poor air quality
  • Spreading of allergens and illness
  • Inefficient functioning

Read on to learn more about each of these issues and how they can affect your ducted air conditioner. With a good quality air conditioner cleaning near me, you can get help resolving the four points below.

air conditioning cleaning near me

Increased running Costs

If your air conditioner is not regularly cleaned, then there is a risk that dust and debris can block your unit, causing it to run poorly. Over time, this can cause damage to your air conditioning unit, causing it to break or require repairs. The average cost per hour for air conditioning repair is $80 to $150, while an entirely new ducted air conditioning unit can cost between $7,000 – $14,000. 

You may also find that your unit is running less efficiently due to blockages and is, therefore, less energy-efficient, leading to higher running costs. After a small investment in annual cleaning services, you will save money over the risk of costly repairs or replacing your unit completely. You no longer need to ask ‘Where do I find air conditioning cleaning near me?’ and can enjoy the benefits of a one-off annual deep clean.


Poor Indoor Air Quality

When dust and debris build up in your air conditioning unit, it can trap allergens like pollen, and even harmful substances like viruses, moulds and bacteria. These can sit on the cooling coils and then be circulated throughout your home via your ducted air conditioner indoor fan, increasing the risk of exposing your home’s occupants to poor air quality. Continued exposure to poor quality air can lead to sick building syndrome. Symptoms include a dry cough, sneezing, difficulty breathing, headaches, and nausea. With a regular cleaning service undertaken by professionals like Smarter Air, you can feel confident in your unit’s air quality.


Harmful Pathogens

Harmful pathogens circulating in your home can be hazardous to infants, the elderly, and animals. Mould spores can impact their nervous system and even cause damage to their bodies after long-term exposure. If your ducted air conditioner is functioning poorly, this can also lead areas to be more at risk of increased mould growth. With an efficient air conditioning unit, damp air is circulated out of places like the bathroom and safely out of the home. With an inefficient unit, bathrooms will remain moist, increasing the risk of mould growth in your home.


Inefficient Air Conditioning

A poorly cleaned air conditioning unit can lead to an inefficient unit. It might cost more to run, break down more frequently, and not adequately cool your home. Over time, an inefficient air conditioner will ultimately live a shorter life span and need to be replaced. An inefficient air conditioner will also not correctly move air through the home, letting harmful pathogens sit in the air for longer, increasing the risk of exposure to illness, mould and allergens. This will ultimately impact your health and your home’s air quality.


What Can I Do If I Suspect My Air Conditioner Needs Cleaning?

Don’t wait until your dirty air conditioner starts to impact your home life. If you Google air conditioner maintenance near me, you’re sure to find Smarter Air if you are located in Brisbane or Gold Coast. We have decades of expertise in providing expert air conditioning cleaning and installation. We can provide flexible air conditioning cleaning services today.

Just some of our flexible packages include:

  • Annual Service – Our skilled technicians will carry out a ducted air conditioner annual service, going over your entire system to ensure your unit is running at optimum efficiency. 
  • Deep Coil Clean – A ducted air conditioner deep coil clean service protects your family from breathing dust, mould, pathogens, and other nasties accumulating inside your air conditioner. Our team will strip down your indoor unit to access the coil then clean, sanitize & pressure wash effectively removing any nasties & improving your indoor air quality! 

‘Where do I find air conditioner cleaning near me?’ I hear you ask. Contact us today for intelligent advice from our air conditioning experts at Smarter Air for high air quality in your home.


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