Gecko Proof Air Conditioners: How to Keep Your A/C Safe from Geckos.

15-01-22 | Air Conditioning

You love your air conditioning, don’t you? It’s the only thing that makes your sweltering summer days bearable. But what if I told you that your beloved a/c might not be as safe as you think it is?

We’ve got you covered. In this guide, I will teach you how to Gecko Proof Air Conditioners as best as possible. With my step-by-step instructions, before long you will have an a/c unit that is safe from those pesky lizards!

What are geckos?

Geckos are lizards that live in warm climates such as SE Queensland. They have the ability to climb up walls and ceilings. The gecko will usually find a hole, crawl through it, in search of the perfect climate such as found inside the outdoor unit of your air conditioner outdoor unit.

Geckos are sometimes also called “egyptian walking pharaohs” because they are able to live in high temperatures. We provide Gecko Proof Air Conditioners for our customers.

Why are geckos a problem?

Geckos are an issue because they can climb inside your air conditioning unit where they walk over the high voltage electronics in turn killing the gecko and damaging the expensive componentry inside the air conditioner. Replacement PC boards and other associated electronics inside your air conditioner can cost over $3000 to replace once damaged so it’s worth spending a bit of time and money to try to prevent them from getting inside the air conditioner in the first place.

How do you keep your air conditioner safe from geckos?

Our Gecko Proof Air Conditioners are vulnerable to geckos because they have many entry points, these entry points are designed to allow water to drain & air to flow across the cooling coils.

So is there such a thing as a gecko proof air conditioner? Nope. However there are a few easy preventative measures you can take to keep your air conditioner as safe as possible from geckos.

  • Apply a coating over the air conditioner PC boards that acts as a layer of insulation between the gecko and the high voltage electronics. This work is best done by an air conditioning mechanic and usually involves coating the electronics multiple times with a product such as Action Corrosion, this product also helps prevent rust and corrosion as the name suggests. Most reputable air conditioning installers will offer this gecko protection service to help ensure their customers’ air conditioners run trouble free for years to come. This product requires 3 coats with 30 min between coats. The PCB should then be recoated in 12 months and this should give you at least 24 months protection.
  • Many pest control contractors suggest placing mothballs inside the outdoor unit to help deter geckos, while we cannot confirm if this is just an old wife’s tail or a legitimate solution mothballs are cheap so it we think it’s certainly worth giving it a try!
  • Plug up the drain holes underneath your outdoor unit. Most manufacturers offer a drain kit which consists of multiple plugs to block up all of the drain holes except one, a drain fitting is connected to the last hole to allow the condensation to drain from the unit. 
  • Put a piece of stainless steel mesh over the end of the outdoor unit drain pipe to prevent geckos from crawling up into the air conditioner, just make sure the mesh is large enough to prevent unnecessary water blockages yet small enough to prevent the geckos from getting through.
  • At the back of your air conditioner there is a large hole to allow the refrigerant pipes to run inside and connect to the outdoor unit. We suggest filling the space around the pipes with silicone or expanding foam, this will not only help keep the geckos out of your air conditioner but also mice, rats & snakes.
  • If geckos are a problem for you, the best way to protect your air conditioner outdoor unit is by using a gecko mesh screen. This task is best left to an air conditioning professional as they will need to screw it into the case of the air conditioner without damaging any refrigerant coils.

Gecko Proof Air Conditioners

You may need professional help with installation on most of these ideas like Gecko Proof Air Conditioners, but these methods will help ensure no critters dare go near your air conditioner.


So while there is no way to get a gecko proof air conditioner you can certainly be proactive by using the ideas above to help reduce the risk of gecko damage occurring inside your air conditioner. 

Lastly, the brand of air conditioner you choose may be more susceptible to gecko damage than some of the others on the market, for example Panasonic air conditioners have their PC boards mounted hard up on a solid piece of plastic leaving no room for the gecko to crawl behind. 

Other brands of air conditioner have a 5-10mm gap between the PC board and the metal surface it is mounted on, geckos love this gap as it is nice and warm in behind the PCB but once they crawl behind they usually blow themselves and your air conditioner OUCH!!!

Contact the team at Smarter Air today to learn more about how we can help gecko proof your air conditioners!

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