How Often Should You Service Air Conditioning?

5-07-21 | Air Conditioning

How Often Should You Service Air Conditioning?

Air conditioning is a very important aspect of home comfort but they do require servicing at regular intervals — around once a year depending on the manufacturer and frequency of use.

A professional service ensures that your air conditioner is working efficiently which helps lower your energy bills, especially during the summer months. It is also a good way to detect any faults with the unit before they turn into big problems with costly repairs.

The service technician will check the refrigerant gas levels, test the thermostat and make sure all the internals are in good condition. This will help extend the lifetime of your unit.


Clean Filters Equal Better Health and Efficiency

As part of a professional service, the unit will also undergo a deep clean. This information is based to Split-System Air Conditioning, but broadly applies to Ducted Systems too.

Regular cleaning removes dust and other pollutants from filters and louvres. If filters are not regularly cleaned, they can clog up and collect moisture. This could potentially develop into mould which can become airborne and trigger serious health effects.

Regular cleaning also helps improve efficiency and reduce running costs. As dust builds up in the filters, the unit has to work harder to move the air as well as cool or heat. It’s also worthwhile tidying the area around the outdoor unit by removing vegetation, obstructions and spiders. Choice created a guide on How To Clean Your Air Conditioner which offers useful advice but still recommends having your air conditioning system professionally serviced regularly.

A trained technician will have the skills and knowledge to clean internal components such as coils, fins and drainage, ensuring the longevity of your air conditioner.


Air Conditioning Repairs

Many Australian’s clean the filters every few months, and call for a service every few years or when the system develops a fault.

If that’s the case, Smarter Air offers air conditioning repairs with free over-the-phone advice and quick, affordable services. Once you have booked the repairs, we will happily come inspect the unit and try to get it working that day. If it’s a serious issue that requires a replacement part, we can use our supplier connections to order the parts and create a clear quote to install them.

Most manufacturers offer a 12-24 month warranty. For further peace of mind, AC systems installed by Smarter Air come with a 10 year workmanship guarantee.


Service Air Conditioning With Smarter Air

When you need to service your air conditioning, turn to Smarter Air. We are Brisbane’s leading installer of split system and ducted air conditioning and regularly perform interval services for customers.

We provide competitive quotes, quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. For honest advice or a quote for quality air conditioning, reach out to our friendly team today on 3067 2396 or Contact Us Online.


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