How to Clean Split Air Conditioner Filter

21-04-20 | Air Conditioning

How to clean split air conditioner filter & keep your family breathing clean air

Keeping the filters on your split system air conditioner clean offers many benefits such as:

  • Better indoor air quality.
  • Increased performance.
  • Stop water leaking down the wall due to restricted airflow.
  • Prevent your family from breathing in any nasties.
  • Kill germs, bacteria & other microbes.
  • Remove dust & help prevent hayfever.

This video shows you how to clean your split system air conditioner filters in less than 5 minutes & also how to spot if your system needs a deeper clean/sterilisation!

How often should you clean your split air conditioner filters?

We recommend cleaning your split air-con filters every month, simply set a reminder on your phone or if you have a Google Home/Alexa product just ask your assistant to remind you 🙂

A professional inspection and clean

Regularly cleaning your split air conditioning filters is a great way to increase the lifespan of your air conditioner, keep your home air cleaner and decrease running costs. It is also essential to organise a regular deep clean of your split air conditioning unit by an expert. By booking a deep clean service with Smarter Air Brisbane, one of our experienced professionals will inspect and cleanse the parts of your split air conditioning system that you won’t be able to see. We will look for any potential issues with your air conditioning before they turn into pricey problems.

If when mastering how to clean your split air conditioner filter isn’t enough, join Smarter Air’s once a year maintenance program for a hassle-free expert inspection and clean to look after your air conditioning.

Look for even cleaner air for your family?

Take a look at our air purification systems that can be connected to your existing split air conditioner to remove odours, allergens & remove harmful germs, viruses & VOC’s. To learn more about our air purification system speak to one of our friendly staff today on 07 3067 2396.



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