Nanoe X Air Purification by Panasonic – How It Helps Clean The Air In Your Home

26-01-22 | Air Conditioning

A clean home is a happy home. And clean air is vital to your family’s health. The Panasonic Nanoe X Air Purification Technology uses ozone friendly purification to help you have a healthier home environment. Let’s take a look at the major benefits of the Panasonic Nanoe X Technology, and how it can help you maintain good indoor air quality in your home.

How Panasonic Nanoe X helps improve air quality in your home!


The Panasonic Nanoe X technology is a revolutionary, ozone friendly purification technology for your home. This purification system is designed to remove 99% of pollutants in the air with just one hour of operation. Its unique design combines the functions of an air conditioner and air purifier in one device that will effectively cool and purify the air in your home.


The benefits of installing Panasonic Nanoe X air purification in your home


Effectiveness of Nanoe X

The Panasonic Nanoe X Technology purifies the air in your home to help eliminate airborne germs, virus and bacteria. This technology also removes odors, smoke particles, and other harmful substances from your home’s indoor air. Besides removing pollutants, the Panasonic Nanoe X Technology also removes allergens like mould spores to provide relief for allergy sufferers.

Did you know? nanoe™X Technology is approved by the National Asthma Council of Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program!

You can use the Panasonic Nanoe X Technology anywhere you need it- whether it be in your car or in your bedroom. Panasonic has Nanoe X solutions for all vehicles, rooms and air conditioner such as:


Why you should choose Panasonic Nanoe X Technology for your home


Nanoe X Technology is a revolutionary purifying technology that emits Hydroxyl Radicals (OH) inculpated in water. This size of the OH radicals allow them to penetrate fabrics thoroughly and reach every corner of the room, inhibiting pollutants like viruses and allergens etc. This ground breaking technology helps improve the indoor air quality in your home actively neutralizes germs, viruses & bacteria to ensure your family is breathing the cleanest air possible.



The Panasonic air purification Technology can help keep your home’s air clean, making it cleaner and safer to breathe. The Panasonic NanoeX Technology is a solution to the air pollution problems that are affecting our health today. As more people are becoming aware of this problem, the Panasonic Nanoe X Air Purification Technology is becoming more popular.

To learn more about how this amazing air purification technology can help keep your home clean, call the Smarter Air team today on (07) 3067 2396.


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