TECO Air Conditioner Review: The Quiet Achiever

11-11-21 | Air Conditioning

During your research for air conditioners, you may have come across the brand TECO. The brand is a quiet achiever, having been the leader in industrial motors in Australia for over 30 years, and deserves much more attention than it receives.

Their expertise in producing high-quality electrical motors has produced a range of portable, split system and ducted system air conditioners. According to Productreview.com.au, they have a selection of product listings with multiple 5-star reviews.

Considering a TECO air conditioner for your home, but want to learn more about it? You can find everything you need to know about this renowned international brand here.

The Origins of TECO

TECO began in Taiwan in 1956. Initially specialising in industrial motors for ships, mines, quarries, plants and refineries, they expanded their expertise into developing state of the art products and services across communications, IT solutions, automation, wind turbines, electric vehicles and home appliances.

As a supplier to Australia’s mining and commercial businesses, TECO products have been tested in the harshest conditions of the Pilbara and Kalgoorlie regions. Their products are also supported by a dedicated service network located in Australia.

The company has a head office in Sydney and additional offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland.


What TECO Ducted Air Conditioner Models Are Available?

There are many different TECO air conditioner models available in Australia, each designed specifically for the Australian climate. Their strength and power ensure you stay cool no matter how high the temperature reaches.

One of their leading AC solutions is the ducted system. These feature packed systems range from 7kW up to 17kW which are ideal for homes ranging from three to five bedrooms and multiple living spaces.

TECO ducted air conditioners have a low profile which allows them to conveniently fit into more places and sleek design with a discreet front panel.

Furthermore, TECO has also worked hard to reduce the noise levels as low as possible. After all, the last thing you want is to hear an air conditioner running while you’re trying to relax. Their systems also focus on energy efficiency and are fully compliant with all Australian regulations.

For peace of mind, TECO provides a comprehensive 5-year warranty on their split and ducted systems.


Why Choose A TECO Ducted Air Conditioner?

When it comes to choosing a ducted air conditioner model, there are a few important considerations.

  • Installation should be straightforward to save unnecessary spending to get the system in place.
  • Using it should be simple and intuitive, with a remote control providing versatile temperature adjustments.
  • Noise should be kept to an absolute minimum so it doesn’t impact your living environment.

Having installed hundreds of AC systems for clients, we can confirm that TECO ducted air conditioner models tick all these boxes and more. They provide efficient heating and cooling that keeps your energy bills down and its low profile design makes it fit smoothly into your home.

What makes TECO stand out from other leading manufacturers is its competitive pricing. Whilst it may not have the same awareness as other brands, it will provide a similar solution for your home.

Enquire About An TECO Air Conditioner Today


Smarter Air specialises in a range of leading air conditioner brands including TECO air conditioning and ducted air conditioning. We work directly with you to design a layout and performance system that meets all of your needs. We conduct a comprehensive inspection of your home, ensuring the unit is strategically placed to maximise efficiency and minimise visual impact.

We’re a super friendly team based in Brisbane, and provide installation and repair services. Our coverage spans across the wider Brisbane area, Ipswich and down to the Gold Coast.

To find out if a TECO system would suit your home, get in touch with us today to organise a free quote


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