4 Tips to Save on Electricity Bills Throughout the Seasons

22-09-20 | Air Conditioning

Winters can have a big impact on our energy bills. During the winter months in Brisbane, when we all tend to stay indoors more often, there is a visible spike in our overall energy consumption as we try to stay cosy. Rising energy bills in winters are commonly considered as a necessary evil – after all, we have to keep warm! So, here are our best tips to help you save on electricity bills through the seasons.

An average Australian household uses nearly 40% of its energy on heating and cooling their living space, whereas only 33% in refrigeration and appliance usage, 21% in heating water, and 6% in lighting. A few small changes in the way we heat our homes in winters can lead to big savings on our electricity bills. While winters can be costly and heavy on the wallet, it doesn’t necessarily mean we need to compromise on our comfort to get through the winter chills.

And if you’re working from home during quarantine, this can be a blessing but it may also mean more electricity usage. This can come as a shock when the electricity bill arrives, so it’s always best to take precautions beforehand. Here are some helpful tips you can use to ensure you stay more comfortable in winter whilst also keeping your electricity bills in check.


Smarter Air’s Best Tips to Save on Electricity Bills

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1. Insulate As Much As You Can!

Poorly insulated houses lose heat at the expense of heaters working overtime to compensate for it, something which ultimately leads to a surge in your next electricity bill. We tend to overlook an ample amount of heat loss in our homes because it is difficult to know exactly where to begin. The first step is always to:


Inspect Your House

Look for areas in your house that are more prone to air leaks. Features such as windows, doors, lights, exhaust fans and your flooring can play a significant role in heat loss. Inspecting your house for potential air leakages will put into perspective how much energy you are using and how to fix the problem. After you’re done with the inspection part, it’s time to work on preventing heat loss from the identified areas.


Why Are My Windows So Cold?

Winters can be harsh, especially with frost clouding up the windows and the cold seeping inside your home. Double-glazed windows will prove to be your best friend during a cold winter’s day. They work by keeping the heat trapped in the house and not letting the harsh cold air from the outside rush inwards. You can take this insulation one step further by adding thick curtains which would not only make your home appear cosier, but also protect the heat inside from escaping.


Check The Doors!

Just like heat escaping from windows, doors have little spaces underneath and above them that could potentially lead to heat loss, the simple fix here is to head down to the big green shed (Bunnings) and purchase some draught seals, these can be fitted on the bottom of the doors to prevent air leakage.


Install Floor Insulation


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Non-insulated floors can lead to more than 20% heat loss during winters. If you are living in one of those beautiful old Queenslander homes, we recommend looking into an insulation product called Optimo Underfloor by Bradford Insulation. Insulating your floors will allow you to run your ducted heating system at a lower temperature which will reduce the amount of work it has to do and therefore help you save on electricity bills.


Install Ceiling Insulation


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Can you believe it, some homes in Brisbane still have no ceiling insulation installed! Without ceiling insulation, the warmth in your home escapes through the ceiling, resulting in high heating costs! Ceiling insulation comes in many different thermal ratings, the higher the thermal rating (R-Value) the better, we recommend at least a R3.5 rating in Brisbane and Gold Coast.

At Smarter Air we are passionate about both comfort and indoor air quality. This is why when it comes to insulation, we use and recommend Bradford Black Insulation, it’s Australian made, made with renewable raw materials and it’s hypoallergenic which means it’s suitable for use in the homes of asthma and allergy sufferers.


2. Rug up!


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Yep that’s right, the cheapest and most effective way to stay warm and save on electricity bills is to rug up! Thermal socks not only keep your feet cosy and warm when the days turn super chilly, they are also durable enough to last you through many winters. The team at Smarter Air all wear fun socks each Friday to welcome in the weekend and keep the workplace fun. During all of our fun sock testing, our top pick for warm socks has to be the great range of Australian made socks from Humphrey Law.

Another simple tip to stay warm is to decorate your house with rugs and throws to keep your feet warm. This also adds more aesthetic appeal to your living space. Nylon, acrylic, and cotton rugs have the ability to store high amounts of heat so they should work perfectly in keeping you nice and warm.


3. Get Smarter!

Going the extra mile when trying to save on your electricity bill will be worth it in the long run. There are plenty of smart home devices on the market that will help you save electricity when trying to heat or cool your home. Let’s look at a few of them.



If you have split systems in your home, investing in a smart air conditioning controller like Sensibo Air will ensure that your air conditioner never runs when a room is empty. These smart controllers work by monitoring temperature and humidity to determine the perfect settings to keep you comfortable and help you save on electricity bills. Sensibo Air will turn your air conditioner ON when you arrive home and turn it OFF when you leave. What’s more, you can even control your Sensibo Air with your voice using Google Assistant or via the Sensibo app.



My Air on Tablet

If you have a ducted air-conditioning system installed in your house, this smart tablet will simplify your life to a great extent. By using MyAir, you can now set temperatures in each individual room to ensure the whole family is comfortable, and that you are not wasting energy by overheating any of the rooms. MyAir is a sleek, 8” Android based tablet through which you can control the entire air-conditioning system in your house, and is compatible with both Apple iOS and Android.

Turn the air conditioning ON before you arrive home to arrive at a warm and cosy home! The company also offers local support throughout Australia, so that you never have to worry about repairs and maintenance again.


Ceiling Fan Reverse Mode

Another fool-proof way of keeping your rooms warm in winters is switching your ceiling fans to the heat mode. Doing so, causes the fan to move in a clockwise motion, leading the hot air collected above to spread evenly to the entire room. Grab a ladder and locate the motor switch on your fan, reverse the switch, turn on the fan at a low speed and viola! You can now enjoy hot air throughout the day at zero cost! Conversely, some fans have remote controls or wall outlets through which you can change the direction of your fan as well. This can help you lower your energy bills by as much as 10%!


Do You Know What Your Peak Hours Are?

When was the last time you actually studied your electricity bill thoroughly? Peak hours are usually mentioned on the side. Peak hours refer to the time when electricity consumption is at its peak and so the cost per unit of electricity increases with it. Turning off non-essential appliances can help you save a great deal on your electricity bill.

Peak hours can vary from area to area, for example, in Brisbane and Queensland, the peak hours are between 4-8 pm on weekdays. You can simply change the timings of using your appliances, like if you did your laundry in the afternoon, you can switch to doing it in the morning. Changing little things from your routine like when you turn on the split or ducted heating system can influence and minimize the amount of money spent during peak hours.

4. Invest Only in Quality Heating


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To make your home winter-proof, the best course of action, above all, is to invest in a good quality heating system. Small electric heaters and radiators are only good for small spaces and are not very energy efficient. Smart reverse cycle ducted air conditioning systems are a safe, convenient and energy efficient way to keep your whole home warm during Brisbane’s winter chills.

Split Air Conditioners

These wall-mounted air conditioners are commonly used in Brisbane. Splits are not only compact, but they are also suitable for customers looking to cool or heat only a specific room in their home. However, when trying to heat a whole home or multiple rooms split air conditioners can work out to be more expensive, both in terms of initial costs of installation as well as subsequent energy consumption when compared to a ducted air conditioning system for heating in winters.

To compare which type of air conditioner may be the best solution for you, read our blog, Beat the Freeze with a Heating Air Conditioner.


Reverse Cycle Ducted Air Conditioners


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If you are looking for a long-term cost-effective solution, then a better option is smart reverse cycle ducted air conditioning as they are capable of heating only a few rooms or your entire home. Reverse cycle ducted air cons are a great investment as far as value for money is concerned, because they not only deliver an energy efficient means of heating but also add value to your home when it comes time to sell. For more information on this, read our blog, Increase Home Value With The Right Home Air Conditioner System.

When people shift from portable heaters to a smart reverse cycle ducted air conditioning system, there can be a decrease of up to 20% on their electricity bill!

Reverse cycle ducted air conditioners offer dual benefits and functionality in the sense that they can be used in both winter and summer. This unique feature and added flexibility give them an edge over other less-efficient heating and cooling systems used throughout Brisbane. Reverse cycle ducted air cons are also more energy efficient which makes them a great choice for anyone looking to save on electricity bills. And since the ducts & other equipment is installed in your roof cavity, they appear seamless and do not affect the aesthetic of your home.


Advantages of a Reverse Cycle Ducted Air Conditioner


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  • They are discreet and the equipment in the roof is quieter than a split system.
  • Smart controls such as MyAir provide the option to add temperature sensors for even greater energy efficiency and comfort.
  • The outdoor units are compact, quiet and they are designed for the harsh Australian climate.
  • Smartphone control allows you to turn your system on before you arrive home!


Brands and Maintenance

Ducted air conditioners manufactured by companies like Panasonic, Samsung and Fujitsu are an ideal choice because they are energy-efficient, affordable and durable options when it comes to saving up on your electricity bill. Maintaining your system is simple, just get one of the pros from Smarter Air out each year to carry out an annual service and performance check. We’ll use this time to check over your system to ensure it is working at peak performance.

Useful tip: If you have solar panels installed, monitor the times when you are generating enough power to cover the costs of running the air conditioner. Then, instead of selling your power back to the energy company for peanuts, rather make use of the power to run your air conditioner and warm up your home ready for when you arrive home!


The Bottom Line

Whether it’s summer or winter, you can still save on your electricity bills if you are careful about your overall energy consumption. When it comes to smart electricity planning and management, always make sure that you are on the right track by following these simple but efficient tips on reducing your electricity bills. For more tips on how to reduce your energy expenditure, read our blog, 3 Simple Tips to Improve Air Conditioner Efficiency.

Whether you choose to invest in a smart MyAir reverse cycle ducted heating system or get a smart Sensibo Air to control your split system air-conditioners, what matters most is the quality of the products and services you acquire. At Smarter Air, we offer comprehensive and affordable air-conditioning solutions throughout Brisbane so that your heating and cooling systems can always work as efficiently as possible. We want you to spend every moment at home enjoying precious time with your family, not worrying about your electricity bill!


Contact Smarter Air For Easy Installation and to Save on Electricity Bills

Whether you need a Ducted Air Conditioner or Split System Air Conditioner, with Smarter Airs pro installation and expert advice, you’re sure to save money on your energy bills. Get in touch with us today if you require installation, repair, service or would like a MyAir Smart Zone Controller.


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