Best Temperature for Air Conditioning In Summer Australia

23-02-21 | Air Conditioning

Summers are the best time to soak up some sun and go to the beach. But in case you are staying at home, they can be sticky, irritating and a mess without proper air conditioning. With summers around the corner, you may need to level up and prepare for the upcoming heat waves. Climate change has made weather even more unpredictable with heatwaves becoming a more frequent occurrence. That is why it is important to have air-conditioning at home to beat the heat. However, having an air conditioner is just one part of the job. One crucial factor often overlooked is choosing the best temperature for air conditioning in summer Australia. This is important so that you avoid compromising neither comfort nor bills.


Beat the Heat!

Summers can become a disaster if all you are doing is sweating around in your house. Old and outdated air cons can not only hog up more energy but over the years, some of their parts might stop working so your air con is not as efficient anymore. Getting a new air-conditioning unit can freshen things up around the house, giving you the room to enjoy your summers without the risk of getting a heat stroke. Some of the benefits of air conditioning in summer are outlined in the next few sections.


Better Indoor Air Quality

Unfiltered, hot air can cause a lot of underlying health problems like allergies, asthma and sinus issues. People who have these conditions find that cool, purified air from air conditioners maintained at the right temperature makes it easy to manage their symptoms, as very cold room temperatures can be problematic for those with respiratory problems. Excessive heat can also lead to heat exhaustion, especially for people with heart-related medical conditions. Therefore, a balanced environment, indoor air quality and temperatures must be maintained.

Reduced Humidity

Summer always brings tons of humidity with it, especially in Brisbane. Humidity is the presence of moisture in the air, and it can lead to a myriad of issues in your home. Mold and mildew growth is much more prevalent in homes with high humidity levels or improper moisture control. When the humidity levels are too high, it can cause many health concerns, including allergies, asthma, and other respiratory issues. Certain types of mold can even be fatal or cause long-term, chronic health problems.

This can be also super annoying since it makes you sweat a lot. With the air already saturated with so much water vapour, your sweat does not evaporate. This problem is solved by choosing the right temperature of air conditioning, which not only reduces humidity in the air but also ensures you can wear your favourite shirt without sweating all over it.


Ultimate Comfort for You and Your Family

Profuse sweating in very high temperatures may lead to dehydration and you may not feel like working. Also, it becomes even more challenging when you have senior citizens and kids at home. In such a situation, maintaining a cool and optimum temperature inside your home becomes very important for the overall mental and physical well-being of your family.


Choosing the Best Temperature for the Entire Day

Some of the problems discussed above arise when you do not know this: what is the best temperature for air conditioning in summer Australia? To guarantee your comfort, choose your air conditioner temperature wisely. When trying to decide what temperature to keep your air conditioner working at, it is important to ask these questions.

What temperature feels right for you?

What temperature is cost-effective? 

Of course, deciding the best temperature depends on your personal preferences and needs, and it is not a ‘one size fits all’ scenario. If you do need to know a range, however, we suggest it should be anywhere between 23ºC-25ºC. Determining the best temperature for air conditioning will require you to experiment with different temperature settings. It also depends on whether you are looking for some savings, higher comfort levels or a mixture of the two.

Other factors that can play a role in determining the best aircon temperature are the number of people living in the house, the amount of direct sunlight your house receives and your general health condition (and issues, if any).

Ideal Temperature for Sleeping

Your ideal temperature for sleeping largely depends on your preference but always take into account the outdoor temperature. For example, there’s no point setting your air-con on cooling at 25ºC if it’s only 24ºC outside – in this case, it may be better to open up the windows. A Brisbane summer night can be somewhat cool yet still very humid, so we suggest setting your air conditioner at least 1-3 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. This will ensure your system runs & helps to remove humidity from your home throughout the night.

You can also use ceiling fans under normal (summer mode) settings to ensure that cool air from your air-con is evenly distributed throughout the rooms and you do not end up with warm and cool spots throughout the home.


Air Conditioning Options for You


Invest In a Reverse Cycle Ducted System

Investing in a good ducted air-conditioning system will ensure you never have to worry about being trapped in heat again! Simply put, a reverse cycle ducted air conditioner works to cool your house optimally during summers. These systems are flexible because they can reverse the refrigeration cycle anytime to give you the temperature you desire. Some advantages of using ducted air conditioning in the summers are:

  • Cost-effective – Not only do these air-cons dehumidify and filter your air, but they are also proven to be a budget-friendly option for anyone looking to add more value to their house. Running costs in the long-term are fairly minimal and maintenance is not a hassle either, making ducted air cons the perfect choice for homeowners seeking energy efficiencies with long-lasting durability.
  • Noiseless – Because of their ability to be discrete and noiseless, ducted air cons make it so much easier for you to fall asleep at night. Conventional air conditioners such as split systems can be noisy, plus they diminish the overall aesthetic appeal of the room. With ducted air-cons, you do not have to worry about either of the two problems. With their ducts discretely fixed in the ceilings and within walls, you never have to worry about your room looking cluttered again.
  • Safe and Purifying – As mentioned earlier, reverse cycle ducted air-cons are unobtrusive, so you will never have to see overhanging wires or large indoor units ruining the look of your living space. Moreover, some also have special in-built filters that purify the indoor air, such as Panasonic’s nanoeX Air Purification System, so whether it be day or night, you are always breathing clean, dust-free air.

Investing your money in reverse cycle ducted air-cons from companies like Panasonic, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Fujitsu & LG ensures that your money is well spent. With their anti-corrosive materials and super budget-friendly deals, you can easily get your ducted air-cons installed in no time at all! Not only that, these companies specifically design their air-cons to suit the weather conditions in Australia to cool your house on the hottest of days.


Try Split Air Conditioning

If you are not ready to jump on the reverse cycle ducted air-con bandwagon yet, then split air conditioners is another option available. Split air conditioners offer zone-wise air conditioning which means you can cool only one room at a time. This can be beneficial for someone living alone, but not so much for a family as it becomes too heavy on your wallet. Bridging the gap between a traditional window air conditioner and the ducted air systems can prove to be a viable option for cooling your living area.


Limitations of the Split Air Conditioners

Even though split air conditioning systems present an opportunity for homeowners to cool their individual rooms, they also have some disadvantages which might deter you away from them. Split systems cannot be optimally utilized by families since their area coverage is zonal. So unless you want to be cramped in a room with the rest of your family, or end up installing separate units for each room, this does not represent a very practical choice. The zonal effect can also be achieved by using ducted air cons, so splits might not be as great an option for a one-person dwelling as we might think. They can also make the room look messy with their outer units as well as the ones installed inside the room. You may require a permit for installing the outdoor unit and the manufacturer warranty is deemed void if a non-licensed person installs it for you. Moreover, the initial costs of running a split air conditioner can be 30% more than a ducted air conditioning system, which might not fit in everyone’s budget either.


Set Motion Sensors for Personalized Cooling

Now that you have achieved the ideal temperature, how can you maintain it without your air conditioner working overtime? In order to avoid coming back to a home that has been baking in the sun the entire day, it is important to install motion sensors in your ducted air conditioning system. Doing this ensures that you cut down on your daily energy consumption since you can program the sensors to keep the temperatures up during the night and low during the day. Not only that but installing temperature sensors on your ducted air conditioning system will enable you to specifically zone out areas of your house which need the most cooling so that you do not waste extra money on cooling your entire house in one go.

Alternatively, motion sensors like those offered with MyAir can prevent your ducted air con from working overtime by cooling rooms that are unoccupied! When you go back into the room the air conditioning is automatically turned back on in that room keeping the temperature to the optimum levels possible for the summers during the day and night.



Undertaking periodic servicing and maintenance of your ducted air conditioners are vital for your heating and cooling system’s long life. At Smarter Air, our team provides you with professional and affordable air conditioner maintenance services in Brisbane. From checking your refrigerant levels to cleaning the outdoor units and evaporator coils, we do it all so that you can enjoy the best temperature for air conditioning in Australian summers.


The Bottom Line

Finding the right temperature for you and your family during the summer should not have to be a trial-and-error thing. Today’s air-cons are equipped with the latest technology and innovative new features, which means that you can easily set the ideal air-conditioning temperatures whenever and wherever you like in your home. Reverse cycle ducted air conditioners are a whole-home solution that ensures you not only get your desired temperatures but also maintain them when the Brisbane weather turns it up a notch!

You can learn more handy tips and advice on our blog or contact our team of experts for honest, personalised advice!


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