Smarter Air and Electrical have been incredibly impressive from the initial consultation all the way through our 3 phase upgrade and AC installation. The sales consultant was easy to talk to, was accessible, not condescending and he called me exactly when he said he was going to call me. Value for money seemed on par to the other quotes we received but we went with this company because the customer service seemed top notch and they did not disappoint.

The installation team worked hard on our project and handled the unexpected hurdles professionally with open communication and tireless problem solving efforts. Meg in the office was fantastic to deal with and even managed to get her electrical team, the Origin AND Energex representatives all at our place at the same time so they could come to an agreement on what needed to be done to fix our house’s unexpected electrical issues. I can’t even get Energex to tell me what day they’re going to read out meter let alone a time so Meg is an absolute genius!

I cannot recommend this company more highly. We finally have the ducted heating on and kids have been sleeping better ever since. We are very happy with the final product and grateful for the hard work this team put in (sometimes into the early hours of the evening) in order to our job completed. Thank you!

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