Your 2022 Essential Guide to Fujitsu Ducted Air Conditioner Service & Repairs

27-04-22 | Air Conditioning, Brand Comparisons

This blog post will act as your ultimate guide to Fujitsu air conditioners service & repairs. We provide you with all the information about Fujitsu ducted air conditioner service and repairs. We’ll go through the brand, air conditioner kinds and models, after-sales support, our best practices, and some of the more typical Fujitsu air conditioner errors and how to solve them.

About Fujitsu General

Fujitsu General Australia was created in 1952 as a subsidiary of Fujitsu’s Japanese company. Since then, the company has become one of Australia’s most respected producers of air conditioning products, heat pumps, and refrigeration components and components. Simply put, the brand has become somewhat of a fan favourite & its brand motto is Australia’s Favourite Air.

Fujitsu Products

The Fujitsu air conditioning units have a reputation for being one of the most energy-efficient, cost-effective and reliable brands today, thanks to their world class facilities. The brand manufactures air conditioners designed to fit into most Brisbane homes while still providing all the features people need.

Residential homes and commercial buildings can benefit from Fujitsu General’s air conditioners in Australia. The Fujitsu General Air Conditioners Australia are known for their dependability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in their use.

Most models are reverse-cycle, allowing you to heat or cool your home to the perfect temperature. In Brisbane, many new home builders choose Fujitsu ducted air conditioning for their new homes due to their reliability & trusted name amongst Aussies!

Fujitsu provides a wide range of air conditioning unit types and models. The following are some of the more prevalent varieties of the Fujitsu Air Conditioning range frequently purchased by Brisbane homeowners:

Split System Fujitsu Air Conditioner

These are a great solution if you need to cool or heat a single room, or you can install one in each room as your budget allows. You can choose from the three different ranges of Fujitsu split system air conditioners depending on what look you prefer Classic, Designer or Lifestyle. Cooling capacities range from 2.5kW to 9.4kW across the different ranges; some models use R41a refrigerant while others use the newer R32 gas.

Ducted Fujitsu Air Conditioning

The most popular choice for whole-home climate control in Brisbane & Gold Coast homes. Most of the components are hidden away in your roof with a ducted system, providing the ultimate discreet air conditioning solution. Smart controls such as Fujitsu anywAiR or MyAir by Advantage Air allow you to set different temperatures in each room, plus the ability to control your system from your smartphone. Fujitsu ducted air conditioners come in a range of cooling capacities from 2.2kW to 28kW.

fujitsu ducted systems

Fujitsu Multi-Split System Fujitsu Air Conditioners

The multi-split system Fujitsu air conditioners are perfect for those homes with little roof space and multiple rooms that need cooling. These AC systems allow you to have a split indoor unit in each room but only one outdoor unit. A great solution if you cannot fit a ducted system in your ceiling. The downside to this type of air conditioner is the high installation cost due to all the copper pipes that need to be installed from each indoor unit back to the outdoor unit. Fujitsu multi-system air conditioners come with the option to have two indoor units or as many as six, with the maximum outdoor unit cooling capacity of 12.5kW

Fujitsu Cassette Air Conditioners

These are generally found in workplace environments; in residential homes, they rarely fit between the standard 600mm spacing of the timber trusses. The indoor unit is installed into your ceiling in the middle of the room; unlike a split system, you don’t have to have an indoor unit mounted to your wall. Fujitsu cassette air conditioners come in a range of cooling capacities from 2.5kW to 14kW.

Fujitsu Floor & Ceiling Console ACs

These systems are helpful when you have no ceiling space, so you don’t have the option of using a ducted or even a cassette system. The ceiling console units mount on the floor hard up against a wall; this is handy if you live in a Queenslander style home and have room under the house for the outdoor units! Some of the modes double as a ceiling console and can be installed on the ceiling underneath the gyprock; think of them as a cassette but with the main difference being they are not recessed into the ceiling.

Fujitsu Airstage VRF

These systems are typically used in commercial buildings and high rise apartments but are also becoming more common in high-end new home builds where roof space is limited. VRF stands for Variable Refrigerant Flow; typically, you have one large outdoor unit with several indoor units, e.g. one in each room. Indoor units can be mixed & matched to suit the home’s design; for example, you could have small single room bulkhead ductless indoor units in all the bedrooms, a large ducted for all your living areas & then a split system for the office.

Fujitsu Airstage VRF comes in a two-pipe configuration which means all indoor units need to be in the same mode; however, the more advanced three pipe systems allow you to cool in one room & heat in another room. Fujitsu Airstage VRF air conditioners come in a range of cooling capacities from 12.5kW to 135kW. The most common Fujistus VRF products for residential homes are Airstage J-IIS, Airstage J-III & Airstage J-IIIL, which come in cooling capacities from 12.1kW to 45kW.

Fujitsu Air Conditioning Price

Air conditioners range in price depending on the type of air conditioner and model chosen. The largest variable is the installation; standard installations will cost you less, whereas more difficult installations will require more materials & labour, so the price can vary quite a bit.

To give you a rough guide, we have scoured the web to find the average Fujitsu air conditioning price for split & ducted systems, including standard installation as of April 2022.

Multi splits, cassettes, VRF, floor & ceiling consoles are all typically measured & priced onsite as the installation costs can vary from job to job.

Fujitsu Split Systems

2.5kW from $1,499 – 8.5kW from $3,000

Fujitsu Ducted Systems

10 kW, 6 Outlets, 5 Zones from $9,360
12.5kW, 8 Outlets, 6 Zones from $10,775
14 kW, 8 Outlets, 6 Zones from 11,754
15.8 kW, 8 Outlets, 6 Zones from $13,207


Fujitsu Free Money Promotions

Fujitsu General typically run their “Free Money” promotion at least once every year, this awesome offer allows you to claim back some money in the form of a digital gift card after your installation is complete. This digital gift card varies depending on the model selected but can be as much as $450 for larger ducted AC systems.

For more details on current Fujitsu promotions, check out the below page:

Fujitsu Free Money

Fujitsu General Air Conditioner Brochures

Each type of Fujitsu General air conditioning product has its list of features & benefits; we have included download links below!

Fujitsu Split System Brochures

Fujitsu Multi Split System Brochure

Fujitsu Ducted Air Conditioner Brochures

Fujitsu Cassette Air Conditioner Brochure

Fujitsu Floor & Ceiling Console Air Conditioner Brochure

Fujitsu Airstage VRF Air Conditioner Brochure


6 Common Fujitsu Ducted Air Conditioner  SERVICE Problems

Fujitsu air conditioner products are well made & reliable; however, like any electrical or mechanical product, they need regular maintenance to keep them running as energy efficient as possible!

We suggest getting your air conditioner serviced by a reputable technician at least once every 12 months; expect to pay around $199 for the annual service of a split system & $499 for a ducted system.

Before calling the Smarter Air service team for some Fujitsu air conditioner repairs, there are a few basic things to check. It is vital to rule out the obvious via elimination before calling our team to avoid any unnecessary callout charges.

  • Check the circuit breaker for the air con in your switchboard in ON.
  • Check the isolator switch next to your outdoor unit is ON.
  • For split systems, ensure your remote controller has new fresh batteries.
  • Check your air conditioner is set to the correct mode, e.g. cool in summer, heat in winter.
  • Make sure your set temperature is below the room temperature in COOL mode.
  • Make sure your set temperature is above the room temperature in HEAT mode.
  • If your air conditioner runs but does not heat or cool effectively, check your return air filters & if there are any signs of dirt, give them a thorough clean. Blocked filters can restrict airflow.
  • Ensure no airflow obstructions around your outdoor unit; we often find wheely bins and pot plants in front of air conditioners. Another common find by our technicians is grass and weeds blocking airflow at the back of the unit. Remove any possible airflow obstructions.

If you tried all of the above, it might be time to phone an expert for advice; at Smarter Air to do some Fujitsu air conditioning troubleshooting, we offer friendly over the phone advice Mon-Fri 8 am-4 pm. If we think you need a technician to attend our staff, will get you booked in for the next available time slot.

You can contact the Smarter Air service team by phone, SMS or email!

Phone: 07 3067 236
SMS: 0481 610 061

Without regular maintenance, you might run into one of the below problems other customers have faced!


If you see this displayed on your ducted system, ensure the controller is OFF, then press temp up + temp down together for 5 seconds to reveal the fault code. Contact your local Fujitsu service near me to arrange a repair.

Blocked Drains

A lack of maintenance normally causes blocked drains; ensure you clean your return air filters at least every three months to prevent dirt & grime from being sucked through the filter into your system. Blocked drain problems can be costly if you didn’t detect the issue early on, as the plaster may need to be replaced or patched and then repainted.

Faulty Sensors

Air conditioners have many sensors inside them which collect data to help the system operate as efficiently as possible; if your air conditioner is overcooling or undercooling your home, you may have a faulty sensor. A service technician will be able to test all of the sensors in your unit to determine which one is causing the issue and then order a replacement.

Refrigerant Leaks

All air conditioners contain some form of refrigerant; if this refrigerant has leaked, the performance of your air conditioner will suffer if the pipe connections of your outdoor unit are located on the outside of the unit such as on a split system. Take a look for signs of oil; if there is oil around these connections, then you may have a gas leak. Time to call your local aircon repairer to book a service call, be sure to tell them what you found and what model of air conditioner you have.

Low Airflow

The two most common causes of low airflow are:

  • Blocked return air filters – Remove the filter and give them a quick clean
  • Blocked indoor cooling coil – Dirt has been sucked in through the return air filter, and it has now blocked the coil, the system will now require a deep clean by an air conditioning specialist.

If you have eliminated both of the above possible causes, you may have a failure with your indoor fan motor or electronics; at this stage, it’s best to turn OFF your air conditioner & phone a professional to come out and diagnose your air conditioner.

An error code is being displayed

If your air conditioner displays a fault code or the lights on the indoor unit a flashing, then you can use the links below to see what the code means; we then suggest phoning your local air conditioning repairer & advising them of the code so they can help you with a repair. Look below for the Fujitsu ducted air conditioning manual that relates to your model.

 Not heating or cooling

Your systems cooling or heating performance can be reduced by something as simple as a blocked return air filter; however, if you cleaned your filter & covered all the basics, you might need to call out a Fujitsu service agent to assess further what is happening with your air conditioner.

You might have a bigger problem, such as a refrigerant gas leak, this type of fault can be costly if not detected early. If you think this might be the case, call an air conditioner repair company near you, they have specialised tools to locate and repair leaks promptly.

Fujitsu General Assist After Sales Support

Fujitsu is confident in the quality and dependability of every air conditioner that it puts to market. They provide a 5-year part and labour warranty on all residential products when used for human comfort to demonstrate their confidence. Commercial products and VRF have their own warranties; we suggest talking to your Fujitsu General specialist.

Fujitsu has its own in house service team established to provide the highest level of support to its customers. Fujitsu Assist operates out of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. Still, they also have well-trained service agents in all other parts of Australia, allowing Fujitsu to handle difficulties onsite promptly.

Fujitsu air conditioning tech support can be reached by emailing or simply calling them 1300 364 484.

Happy Customers



Brisbane’s Most Trusted Air Con Service Technicians

We can help you solve any problems you may be facing with your ducted air conditioning system. Our team will be able to service & maintain your Fujistu ducted air conditioner to keep you cool and comfortable for years to come.

If you’re interested in getting your air conditioning serviced for your home or business, or simply want to find out the costs, get in touch with us today and our team will talk you through your options.



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