How Does Ducted Air Conditioning Work?

31-05-20 | Air Conditioning

When you’re suffering through a heatwave, don’t just sit in front of your old energy-hungry and noisy air conditioning unit waiting many hours for the room to cool down. These days, ducted air conditioning can keep a few rooms or many rooms at your happy temperature in both summer and winter both quietly & efficiently. Understanding how ducted aircon works and also how to use your ducted system effectively can be of great benefit to your livelihood and quarterly bills!



How Does Ducted Air Conditioning Work, is a good question. Ducted air conditioners create cool airflow through your home from a compressor condensing unit that sits outside of your house, attached to an inside fan coil unit, found inside the roof cavity of your home.

Ductwork runs through the residence and delivers the cool air via a group of outlets in each zone. Nowadays, ducted air conditioners are also commonly called ducted reverse-cycle air conditioning units, this is because they also warm your home during the cooler winter months.


How Ducted Aircon Works For Whole House Cooling/Heating

ducted aircon plan

Now I know what you are thinking! How Does Ducted Air Conditioning Work? How can a single large ducted air conditioner cool my entire home efficiently? The answer is simple. You can opt for a smart zone inverter ducted air conditioning system that allows you to control the amount of cooling in each zone of the house. This means that you can constantly keep the areas you’re utilizing cool, while keeping the ducted air conditioning system off in other zones of the house.

Another advantage of the ducted air conditioning system is that they’re virtually silent. As the compressor is located outside and the fan unit is hidden away in your ceiling space, usually over a living area, you won’t hear it at night. And you certainly don’t have to worry about the overwhelming sound of old-style package aircon units or ‘window rattlers’ as some Brisbane residents call them.


How Ducted Aircon Installation Works

Not many older Brisbane homes have pre-installed ductwork. This is essential to link into the ducted air conditioning system. So, the contractors place the ductwork in and the compressor/ condensing unit and the indoor lover coil unit and test that every little thing is working.

They design the operating system to work perfectly with your house setup, in order to designate zoned cooling around the house. Pro installers additionally pick out a ducted system that is effective enough to cool your home, with advanced zoning systems such as MyAir by Advantage Air. This is a customized ducted system that takes numerous elements into account, aided by the experienced staff providing you with a detailed written recommendation and quote after they’ve assessed your property setup.


Smart Zone Control

Ducted air conditioning with individual room temperature sensors

Why not get back from work and be welcomed home with a uniformly cooled and dehumidified house!

When it comes to zoning your ducted air conditioning system there are many options. However, the leader in Brisbane is the locally designed and supported MyAir system by Advantage Air which offers a few unique advantages such as:

  • The ability to set different temperatures in each area
  • Smart device control with free Apple and Android apps
  • An 8-Inch touch screen that doubles as a smart home tablet that is permanently powered!
  • Receive notifications when the temperature in your suburb reaches a predetermined temperature. It can even turn your air conditioner ON for you.
  • Google Home & Amazon Alexa integration
  • Set one thermostat or all thermostats as the main sensor, you choose between the ultimate in energy efficiency or comfort.
  • Helpful local Brisbane support from MyTeam by Advantage Air.


ducted airconditioning worksInvest with the Ducted Aircon Experts

Investing in a ducted air conditioner system is a big decision with the average system costing around AUD $10,000-$12,000! While keeping comfortable is important, when investing in such a large home appliance it’s important to do your research first!

Always ensure you get an expert installation from a local Brisbane installer that knows their stuff, supplies quality brands and guarantees their work for at least 10years.

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