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18-06-22 | Air Conditioning, Ducted Air Conditioning

9 Reasons Why Installing a Daikin Ducted Air Conditioner is the Smart Choice

It’s true – Aussies here in the Sunshine State can enjoy a comfortable home all year long thanks to clever Daikin ducted air conditioner installations in Brisbane. 

Daikin has been a leading global Air Con manufacturer and a trusted brand in Australia for over 40 years. In fact, they are locally invested with a plant to manufacture some of their premium system parts right here in Australia. When it comes to getting your entire home refreshed and cool during the extreme heat build-up and harsh Brisbane summers, Daikin gets the job done. With reverse cycle technology, you can also make it nice and cozy on those freezing cold days too. It’s no wonder you see a Daikin installed in almost every home and office.

Still on the fence about whether you should upgrade your home cooling system for a Daikin? Smarter Air has taken the guesswork out and handpicked nine ripper reasons why the Daikin is your go-to ducted AC to install in Brisbane.

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Why You Can’t Go Wrong With a Daikin Ducted System

Reason #1: Get Your Entire Home or Office Cool (or Heated)

A ducted air conditioner is the best option if you’re after a solution that will have your whole house cooled or heated. It’s installed out of sight above the ceiling, and the cool air gets distributed to different rooms (zones) using ducts and vents. You can still control which zones are on and off, but for the most part, it is a set-and-forget system that puts your whole house at a comfortable temperature, including large open-plan areas. Daikin gets the job done with various ducted systems to choose from, based on your needs.

Reason #2: Enjoy the Bliss of Low Noise Operation

Ducted air conditioners are typically the quietest running ACs, and Daikin systems are no exception. Hitting the mark with premium refrigerant control technology and a specially constructed DC fan motor in both the indoor & outdoor unit, Daikin keeps the dB output on the low end, which means cooler air without the noise.      

Reason #3: Efficiency That Does Not Disappoint

With quality engineering and the latest technology, Daikin takes energy efficiency to the next level. The superior advanced inverter technology in its premium ducted systems will provide you with the most comfortable indoor environment without breaking the bank in running costs. With the option to select between sizes from 2.5Kw right up to 25Kw, you are sure to find a system that will fit your needs.

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Reason #4: Long Run Value and Easy Installation Options 

If you’re looking at a new home installation or adding on to an existing one, there is an easy solution to fit your needs. Beyond the initial purchase and installation, you will be making a wise investment regarding the running costs and lifetime of your AC. You get a real bang for your dollar-bucks in the long run with the outstanding build quality, toughness, and energy efficiency. Plus, if you are looking at cooling or heating a large area, you will even find the ducted system fairly priced against stacking up the cost of multiple split system installations.

Reason #5: Excellent After-Sale Support From Local Experts

Not only is the Daikin ducted system partially locally manufactured, but it also comes standard with a 5-year warranty. This is an excellent sign that Daikin is confident in their equipment quality and gives you peace of mind. Further to the warranty, Daikin has a dedicated after-sales team for continued support. All spare parts are promptly available and warehoused locally. With an extensive network of authorised service technicians, you can count on reliable support for your Daikin long after the installation is complete.     

Reason #6: It Doesn’t Just Make You Feel Cool, but Looks Cool Too

You will be the King of Cool, controlling all system settings to your preference from a central command console. The slick design of the Daikin ducted system also doesn’t invade the style and look of your interior, as only the controller and grilles are visible inside.

Reason #7: Get Spoiled with Market-Leading Technology

With more than 90 years of technology development in the bag, Daikin leads the way with effective and efficient air conditioning systems. Superiorly designed and engineered for quality and durability, using only their own developed parts and products, you can be sure to get nothing but peak performance from a Daikin System. And if you’re into techie gadgets, you can remotely control your AC with your smartphone, even when you’re not home. Now that’s cool!

Reason #8: Clean Fresh Air – Always

You can be sure that the Daikin ducted air conditioner will work around the clock to provide you with cool, crisp and clean air through premium inverter technology and recirculating filters. This means you can relax in comfort and just breathe in the healthy-ness.

Reason #9: You’re Supporting (and Get Supported by) an Aussie Supporting Market Leader

#9 is probably the only reason you will need to make up your mind about getting a Daikin. But just in case you need a quick recap, here are the bullets:

  • Daikin is proudly invested in the local economy with an Australian manufacturing plant for some of the system parts and comes standard with a manufacturer’s 5-year warranty.
  • Daikin has provided air conditioning solutions to the Australian market for over 40 years, and their systems are known for their superior quality and durability in the Aussie climate.
  • They are air conditioning experts with a massive network of specialist dealers across Australia.

You can check out the Daikin site for more info.


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