No one likes the small print.

While it might feel a bit time-consuming to read the fine print, we do believe it is the best way to manage expectations and avoid any surprises. Our terms and conditions set out what we will deliver to you and what we expect from you. The last thing we want is a mismatch in understanding and an unhappy customer.

We believe in providing great service and we take pride in our standards. The terms and conditions below serve as the criteria for all of the work we carry out. These terms override any agreements made in person, over the telephone, or in any other communication.

Who are we

Smarter Air Pty Ltd trading as Smarter Air & Smarter Home Electrical
ABN:69 632 856 396
QBCC Trade Contractors License: 15135153
QBCC Nominee License: 15132383
RTA: AU48610
ECL: 89006

Amendments of term

We reserve the right to change, modify, add or remove portions of these terms at any time. Please check these terms regularly prior to using our website to ensure you are aware of any changes. We will endeavour to highlight any significant or substantive changes to you where possible. If you choose to use our website then we will regard that use as conclusive evidence of your agreement and acceptance that these terms govern the obligations between bothe Smarter Air Pty Ltd and you the customer.

1. Warranty

Air conditioner units (Manufacturers Warranty)

All of the air conditioning units supplied by Smarter Air Pty Ltd comes complete with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty to you the homeowner when installed in a residential application. This 5-year residential warranty is subject to the suppliers terms & conditions. Smarter Air Pty Ltd will strive to assist you with claims related to your 5-year manufacturers warranty if your system is eligible for a warranty replacement or repair.

Ducted components manufacturers warranty (Manufacturers Warranty)

Non-electronic, 10 years:
Non-electronic ducted componentry (duct & grilles) carries a warranty of 10 years. These warranty terms are outlined by Advantage Air’s terms and conditions here.
Electronic, 5 years:
Electronic componentry carries a warranty of 5 years. These warranty terms are outlined by Advantage Air’s terms and conditions here.


Smarter Air Pty Ltd provides a 10-year workmanship guarantee for all of our installations to show our commitment to providing quality work (terms and conditions apply). To be covered under our 10-year workmanship guarantee, an annual service, starting from the date of commissioning, must be undertaken by a Smarter Air Pty Ltd technician to ensure the ongoing reliability of the system. For a full list of inclusions of what the annual service entails, see our service and maintenance page here.

Although Smarter Air Pty Ltd will strive to follow up with homeowners to arrange their annual service, the responsibility ultimately rests with the homeowner to ensure this work is undertaken on their system to be eligible for the 10 workmanship guarantee.

If services are not undertaken annually from the date of commissioning of your system, or services are provided by a 3rd party individual or company during the duration of the 10 year workmanship guarantee, Smarter Air Pty Ltd reserves the right to void the 10 year workmanship guarantee and instead a 12 month workmanship warranty from the date of commissioning will apply.

This 10 year workmanship guarantee strictly covers defects in workmanship only and excludes the following:

  • Parts and labour resulting from faulty equipment (see warranty for units or components manufacturer).
  • Damage caused by weather, vandalism, unauthorised workmanship, vermin, unreasonable use of the product or forces and circumstances outside of normal day-to-day use.

To claim under the workmanship guarantee, the system must conform to the conditions set out above regarding annual servicing by Smarter Air Pty Ltd. You must notify Smarter Air Pty Ltd immediately to inspect the claim and ensure it is covered, and if so, we will make arrangements to rectify the fault as soon as possible.


All quotations and pricing supplied by Smarter Air Pty Ltd is valid for 30 days from the date received. Thereafter it must be formally re-quoted or reviewed by Smarter Air Pty Ltd with confirmation in writing confirming the validity.

3. Damage

Smarter Air Pty Ltd can not be held responsible for any damage or performance-related problems resulting from others workmanship, foreign matter, animals or plants or part thereof, accidents, vandalism, fire, lighting strikes, floods, severe weather, negligence or any other source. Any damage to the unit or components not related directly to Smarter Air Pty Ltd’s installation work will involve a cost to repair by the homeowner.

4. Cancellations & Rescheduling Appointments

  • We are always happy to reschedule an appointment free-of-charge.
  • If you need to cancel your appointment, please provide us with at least 24 hours notice.

5. Right to decline work

Smarter Air Pty Ltd reserves the right to decline or cancel any work or installations at its own discretion without providing a reason or compensation for loss due to rejection or cancellation.

6. Waiver

Any concession or indulgences outside of our terms and conditions does not constitute a waiver of Smarter Air Pty Ltd’s rights. Smarter Air Pty Ltd may elect, at its own discretion, to pursue it’s rights to the fullest extent possible by law in respect of its right per the terms and conditions.

7. PaymentS and Invoicing


  • For maintenance or breakdown work, credit card details must be provided prior to the job being scheduled however you will not be charged until the works for that visit have been completed, unless other payment arrangements have been agreed to with Smarter Air Pty Ltd prior. If the callout requires multiple visits you will be invoiced & charged at the completion of each visit.
  • Please let us know before work commences if you would prefer an invoice to be mailed to you, as our default communication is email.


  • Some jobs will require a deposit before work commences. This deposit will be confirmed in writing with a formal invoice to be paid before work commences.
  • If a deposit invoice is sent and remains unpaid before the work commences, we reserve the right to halt work until payment is made. We also reserve the right to cancel the contract entirely, if payment is late or delayed.
  • Deposits paid for equipment and work already delivered are non-refundable.

Progress Invoices

  • Progress invoices are claims for work done on-site, before the entire job is completed. This covers labour and materials for work done to date. The cost of materials and the amount of time spent on your job will dictate whether you will be sent progress invoices.
  • As part of our agreement, you accept to pay these progress invoices when they are due. You understand that you cannot withhold payment for any reason.
  • If for any reason work has paused on your job, you can request an invoice to settle the account by calling the office.
  • We reserve the right to stop work if progress payments have not been made.


  • Discounts applied to your account are administered at our discretion.
  • Discounts may be revoked and the full amount may be charged to you if an invoice remains unpaid for more than 21 days or any other agreed date.

Disputed Invoices

  • If you need to discuss any aspect of payment, please contact us immediately.
  • If you are dissatisfied with the invoice, it is your responsibility to contact us immediately.

Unpaid Accounts

Debt Collection costs may be added to invoices that remain outstanding for over 21 days from the due date.

MyAir, MyLights or MyPlace installations have a built-in 21-day trial feature which will automatically disable the touch screen after 21 days, once your account is settled we will be able to provide you with a 4 digit which will unlock your MyAir, MyLights or MyPlace system.

Standard Exclusions in our quotations:

  • Penetrations through structures containing asbestos. Pending inspection by Smarter Air Pty Ltd, you will receive an addition quote for on-site works required to cut into asbestos
  • Supply and install of condensate pump where gravity drainage is not possible.
  • Carpentry, plastering, painting or re-decorating required from the removal of old air conditioners & componentry.
  • Box outs or bulkheads required to cover flexible ductwork.
  • Coloured duct coverings other than standard stock (cream coloured).
  • Extra pipe-work/electrical over what is specifically allowed for in our formal quotation.
  • Three-phase power/mains upgrade (if required).
  • Switchboard upgrades (if required).
  • The homeowner is responsible to ensure adequate power is available.

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