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Australians are well aware of the heat waves that hit over summer and turning on the air conditioning is practically a national pastime. While they know how to stay comfortable, many don’t know about the TECO Group. TECO has been one of the leading electric motor manufacturers in Australia for over 45 years. If you’re searching for an affordable air conditioning option, a TECO aircon is well worth considering. They have an Australian service network and proving to be a reliable and efficient competitor.

If this is the first time you’ve heard about TECO, you’re not alone. Originally founded in 1956 specialising in heavy industrial electric motors, the company went on to develop air conditioning for shopping centres, office buildings, factories and hospitals. They were highly successful and naturally expanded into home appliances such as air conditioners, fridges, freezers, washing machines and dryers.

Their main goal is to pack the most value possible into a product for an affordable price. Their split system and ducted system ACs provide efficient cooling and heating, ideal for saving on electricity bills.

Key to the success of TECO aircon is their stringent quality management process during manufacturing. Every step is meticulously followed to deliver a reliable system that will stand up to Australia’s harsh weather conditions.

TECO aircon systems also come with 5-year parts and labour warranty so you know that you’re covered. TECO has Australia covered with offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth plus a diligent nationwide service network. This means that you can access qualified trades and spare parts right across the country.

Smarter Air Has Qualified TECO Installation Technicians

Smarter Air are experts when it comes to ducted air conditioner installation in Brisbane and qualified TECO installation technicians. Based on our experience with the brand installing them into a variety of homes, we’ve been impressed by the performance and efficiency they deliver for the price and found them to be a worthwhile investment


TECO Ducted Systems

There are many different TECO air conditioner models available in Australia, each designed specifically for the Australian climate. Even when the mercury goes through the roof, a TECO aircon will keep you cool.

One of their leading AC solutions is the ducted system. These feature-packed systems range from 7kW up to 17kW and are well suited to homes ranging from three to five bedrooms and multiple living spaces.

TECO ducted air conditioners have a low profile which allows them to conveniently fit into more places and sleek design with a discreet front panel.

Furthermore, TECO has made every effort to make the noisiest components as quiet as possible. After all, the last thing you want to hear is an air conditioner running when you’re trying to unwind. They also put a lot of effort into energy efficiency and are fully compliant with all Australian laws.

TECO Multi-Split Systems

Another TECO aircon solution is a multi-split system. The TECO range of multi-head split systems includes Reverse Cycle and Inverter models. This is a handy and cost-effective ducted aircon alternative for regulating temperature in a specific area of the home such as the kitchen, living room, bedrooms or rumpus/home office.

These units are mounted on the wall and well suited for new or retrofit installations in single and double story houses and apartments where space for the outside may be limited.


Advanced Features of TECO Split System Air Conditioners

TECO Comfort Series Inverter Reverse Cycle

  • Built-in Wi-Fi allows you to control your air conditioner remotely using the TECO smartphone app. The Intelligent AC app is also compatible with popular smart speakers (Google & Alexa)
  • The interactive digital display panel on the front of the AC unit shows the temperature and functions.
  • Gold fin protection aids in reducing corrosive effects on outdoor coils and preserves heat exchange capacity for years longer.
  • 40% more holes per square centimetre than standard filters ensures even smaller unwanted particles of dust & pollen in the air are trapped.
  • Louvre memory automatically sets the louvre to the last angle you used.
  • Service-friendly thanks to in-built diagnostics, easily accessible panels and detection system which make to unit easy to service and maintain.
  • Fitted with refrigerant leak detection sensor that automatically stops operation for safety and displays an error code on the display panel of the indoor unit.
  • Demand Response Enabling Devices (DRED) compatible.

TECO Platinum 3D Inverter Reverse Cycle

The Platinum 3D is the latest and most efficient range of DC inverter split systems TECO has to offer. The Platinum 3D range expands on the energy-efficient and eco-friendly features of the Comfort DC Inverter Series. Additional features include:

  • Exceptional energy efficiency with up to 9-star MEPS rating* Refer to pages 6-7 of the 2021 Split System brochure for more MEPS energy star rating information.
  • 3D airflow combines 4-way vertical and horizontal auto swing to ensure an even distribution of conditioned air throughout the room. 3D also provides long-distance airflow.
  • Antifungal sterilization function — Using an advanced integrated filtration and air circulation circuit, the TECO Platinum 3D series will heat the indoor fan coil up to 50ºC to sterilise, eliminate and remove most bacteria, contaminants and moisture. This prevents the growth of fungus and ensures it’s always delivering clean fresh air
  • Built-in self-cleaning function captures the dust and dirt on the indoor coil by rapidly cooling then defrosting. This process flushes away unwanted contaminates. The air conditioner runs through a drying cycle to complete the cleaning process. The Gold Fin coating on the outdoor unit also helps improve the effectiveness of the self-clean function on indoor evaporators.

Multiple Modes For Versatility

Sleep Mode

Decrease energy usage while you sleep by setting this mode. The air conditioner automatically increases or decreases the temperature by 1°C every hour and adjusts the fan speed depending on if it is set to heating or cooling over time. Enjoy comfort all year round.

Timer Mode

Have your unit switch on or off after a period of time you set. Great for switching the unit on automatically before you get home or switching it off automatically after you go to bed.

Turbo Fan Mode

With this function, the air conditioner will maximise the output of cooling or heating capacity, making the room cool down or heat up rapidly to reach the desired temperature in the shortest time.

I Feel Mode

When you select this function, the room temperature sensor built into the remote control is activated, replacing the one in the indoor unit. The air conditioner will regulate the room temperature based on the temperature around the remote controller, just as if the air conditioner is following you.

ECO Mode

TECO Comfort series air-conditioners have an energy-saving mode that slightly increases or decreases the set temperature depending on if it is in heating or cooling mode. This helps save on running costs over time.

Mute Mode

This mode sets the indoor fan speed, outdoor frequency and louvre positions in that reduces running noise. So quiet, you’ll barely notice it running.



TECO offers 5-year parts and labour warranty on all domestic air conditioning systems sold in Australia. To learn more about making a claim, please click on the relevant download link below.

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